Level 3 – “The Gates of Power”


Level 3 Training at the Magisterium Academy of Magic focuses on developing the skills of working with the Higher Astral Powers and studying the Magical technologies which allow for altering human Destinies as well as invoking significant changes to reality. 

Studying at Level 3 is only possible after completing studies at Levels 1 and 2 of the Magisterium Academy.


Level 3 “The Gates of Power” consists on 20 lessons, over the course of which you will: 

  • Move on to the next stage of studying Magic as a Science and an Art, continue getting acquainted with the hidden laws of the Universe and the Subtle Worlds. 
  • Learn how to work with the 13th – 9th Major Forces (Tree of Sephiroth Arcana), which make it possible to alter human destinies and invoke significant change in reality.
  • Develop the ability to create and break energy bonds between various objects, manage other people’s states, feelings and behavior through these bonds. You will learn the technology of Envoltation – which lies at the foundation of “Voodoo Dolls” and other types of Magical Volts.
  • Learn to create and use Magical Spells of various types and difficulty levels.

The course duration is 5 months. 


Lessons happen in the form of online conferences where every student can ask questions and discuss the matter both with the teacher and other students.

If you are unable to attend a lesson, you can view the recording later, at a comfortable time.

Part 1 – Studying the Major Forces of the Higher Astral Plane

5 lessons, 3 hours each.

Over the course of the first 5 lessons you will get acquainted with the Forces of the Higher Astral Plane, mastering which gives a Magician significant Power over reality. 

The five forces studies during this part of training are the 13 – 9 Major Arcana of Planetary Magic.

The 13th Force – Death – gives access to the energy of Death. Makes it possible to stop any process, cut off any life. Working with the 13th Force, Magicians gain access to the World of the Dead and the ability to contact the consciousnesses of deceased people, as well as the Hierarchy of Death. The energy of Death also allows for some of the most potent methods of healing. 

The 12th Force – The Hanged Man – using this Force it is possible to receive support and help from Higher Powers – highly developed dwellers of the World of Light (high-frequency reality level).

11th Force – Justice – give a Magician Protection, allows for managing the energy of Society, harmonizing Situations, restoring Justice, practice Healing and produce phenomena. 

10th Force – The Wheel of Fortune – allows for altering Human Destinies, opening portals to Parallel Worlds and conduct almost any changes to reality. 

9th Force – The Hermit – this Force transforms a Magician’s consciousness and gives Wisdom. This energy is used to open the 3rd Eye. 

Mastering these five Forces makes a Magician capable of changing the destiny of any person, inducing significant changes to reality and producing phenomena that are inexplicable by modern science and incomprehensible for ordinary people.

Part 2 – Bond Magic and the Envoltation Technology

4 lessons, 2.5-3 hours each

Over the course of this part of training you will learn one of the most important skills in Magic – working with energy bonds. This skill lies at the foundation of any magical impacts – love magic, creating talismans and amulets, copying and transferring qualities between objects. 

Through the practice of special magical techniques (exercises) you will learn:

  • To create energy connections between humans and other living and non-living objects.
  • Diagnose the influence of various energy bonds on yourselves and your clients.
  • Influence and manage individual people, groups of people and situations through energy bonds.
  • Break off energy bonds and get out of various types of influence.
  • Remove hexes and other negative energy impacts.
  • The Envoltation technique which allows for the creation of volts – material objects for conducting various types of impacts.
  • To creat Cabalistic Mandalas using which Magicians control people, processes and situations.

After completing this part of training you will acquire the skills of managing energy connections, will learn to diagnose magical impacts and influence done through energy bonds, will be able to create energy bonds between people and other objects, influence their health, feelings, thoughts and behavior.

Part 3 – Creating Spells

10 practical lessons, 2.5-3 hours each

Magic Spells are special energy structures which are woven from energy lines by Magicians in order to conduct impacts.

During this part of training you will:

  • Learn the Basic Theory of Spells and the main principle behind the creation and usage of spells.
  • Learn to conduct impacts over any distance (also via photographs).
  • Learn to create various Spells and put them on various objects.
  • Learn to diagnose and remove impacts conducted with the use of various spells.

You will learn to create the following types of spells:

  • Basic Spells of Elements.
  • Battle Magic Spells allowing for influencing situations, energy defense and attack.
  • Healing Magic Spells allowing for influencing biological objects and healing illnesses.
  • Psyonic Spells allowing for influencing the human psyche and behavior, copying qualities and skills between people.
  • Theurgy Spells allowing for receiving support of higher frequency plane dwellers.
  • Necromancy Spells allowing for contacting the World of the Dead and managing the energy of Death.
  • Wanderer Spells allowing for working with Parallel Worlds.
  • Wizardry Spells allowing for influencing physical laws of reality and creating Magical Objects – Amulets and Talismans.
  • Enchanter Spells allowing for appearance changes.
  • Alchemy Spells allowing for the transformation of objects and situations.

… and others.

Spells are Magicians’ primary tools for influencing the world. The more spells a Magician knows, the higher Power they wield and the wider spectrum of tasks they can accomplish.

Training Fees:

We offer you two payment plans:

  1. You can pay for the entire Level 3 consisting of 20 lessons, 5 months long, for $750.00 USD. 
  2. You can sign up to a monthly subscription, in which case your account will be billed every 4 weeks for $165.00 USD (if you are already on subscription from Level 2, you don’t have to do anything).

With this plan you can always cancel your subscription at any moment. After the paid 4 weeks are over, no more payment will be billed from your account.

Since Level 3 is closed to outsiders, the payment link is only given personally via e-mail to those who have been qualified for Level 3.

If you wish to enrol with us, please start at Level 1 regardless of your previous experience in Magic/Esoterics.