Level 2 Training at the Magisterium Academy of Magic focuses on developing in Students the foundations of extrasensory perception and the ability to directly influence reality with their consciousness, bypassing the physical body.

While studying through Level 2, students awaken the hidden abilities of their consciousness and transform themselves from ordinary people into Magicians.

Training at Level 2 is only possible after completing Level 1 at the Magisterium Academy. No exceptions.




Part 1 – Gaining the ability to directly influence reality
Part 2 – Developing basic extrasensory abilities
Part 3 – Practical Magic
Supplementatry – ESP Practicum

Course length: 4 months
Total amount of lessons: 16
Lesson duration: 90-150 minutes
Lesson frequency: 1 lesson a week
Formats: interactive live online webinars + online ESP training practicum


Level 2 Training – ‘The Gates of Transformation’ – consists of 16 lessons.
Over the course of these lessons you will:

  • Learn how to work with the 17-14 Major Arcana (of the Tree of Sephiroth). These Froces trigger one’s abilities to influence reality.
  • Develop basic extrasensory abilities – to feel the subtle bodies of various objects, to diagnose people and situations with the help of your etheric body.
  • Learn the techniques of managing present, past and future events.
  • You will gain magical abilities sufficient to start managing the events of your own life, as well as helping other people.

The course duration is 4 months.


Lessons happen in the form of online conferences where every student can ask questions and discuss the matter both with the teacher and other students.

If you are unable to attend a lesson, you can view the recording later, at a comfortable time.

Part 1
Gaining the ability to directly influence reality

4 lessons, 3 hours each

During the first 4 lessons you will commence the practical studying of the Major Forces, using which Ancient Magicians awoke Magical Abilities, managed events and situations.

The four Forces studied during this part of the training are represented but he 17 – 14 Major Arcana of Planetary Magic:

  • The 17th Force (‘The Star’) – gives access to an infinite source of Life Energy. This allows Magicians to receive the energy needed for basic healing of themselves and others. Working with the 17th Force also triggers the ability to perceive the subtle plane and extrasensory perception.
  • The 16th Force (‘The Tower’) – gives access to healing karmic illnesses and is also used in Battle Magic. Using the energy of the 16th Arcanum, a Magician can create powerful Magical Protection and execute a strike capable of disabling an adversary for a long time. 
  • The 15th Arcanum (‘The Devil’) – mastering this Force makes it possible to manage Life Expectancy, attract necessary objects, materialize situations and influence wealth.
  • The 14th Arcanum (‘Transformation’) – gives access to managing future events, creating and altering future probabilities.

Over the course of Level 2 training, the energy and consciousness of Students commences its transformation, magical abilities awaken and make it possible to influence people and events of the outside world.

Lessons involve a direct Energy Transfer between the Teacher and the Students. The Teacher allows the Students to feel the Energy of each studied Force and teaches how to use it.

The Teacher demonstrates handling the Forces, methods of Magical impacts and transfers practical working skills to the Students. 

Part 2
Developing basic extrasensory abilities

6 lessons, 2.5 – 3 hours each

During this part of Training you will master the basic skills of diagnosing the subtle bodies of living and non-living objects, as well as scanning situations. 

Through practicing given Magical exercises, you will learn:

  • To activate extrasensory perception – the ability to receive information about objects of the outside world directly, without using ordinary perception organs. 
  • To conduct basic diagnostics of the human body and point out problematic organs using extrasensory perception.
  • To scan the energy of non-living objects, determine their main energetic parameters.
  • To scan & diagnose distantly through photographs.
  • The basics of psychometry – reading information about the past of an object. 
  • The basics of scanning the future.

After completing Part 2 of Level 2, you will gain initial ESP skills. These skills will allow you to perform basic diagnostics aimed at finding problematic zones in the human body, scan the energy of things, various spaces and places of power, as well as to read information regarding the past and future.

Part 3
Practical Magic

6 practical lessons, 3 hours each

During Part 3 of Level 2 Training you will study the in-depth Practices of the 17 – 14 Major Arcana and learn to use Forces 17 – 14  in development, healing and managing situations.

Over the course of Part 3 you will acquire the following skills:

  • While working with the 17th Force – transgressing the Border between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead, contacting the consciousnesses of the dead, communicating with the deceased people you knew.
  • While working with the 16th Force – shifting your consciousness into the past and altering past events, diagnosing and heal karmic illnesses.
  • While working with the 15th Force – attracting desired objects and people, materializing desired situations.

– While working with the 14th Force – scanning your own and other people’s future, remove negative events and create required events and situations in the future.

ESP Practicum

All Level 2 Students receive access to a special Forum Section – the ESP Practicum – where we publish materials for the independent practicing and honing of your ESP abilities. 

This section is supplementary to the main curriculum. Every Student can participate at will and at any time.

Studying at Level 2 will lead you to the awakening of your Magical Abilities. It will give you the knowledge and experience required to use Magic in all areas of your life, to help yourselves and those close to you.

Tuition Fees

We offer two payment plans:

  1. You can pay for the entire Level 2 – the course lasts 4 months and includes 16 lessons (1 live lesson per week + online ESP training practicum). The price in this case is $600.00 USD for 4 months.
  2. You can subscribe to pay per month. In this case, a monthly payment of $165.00 USD will be charged from your card. You can cancel the subscription yourself at any time without any additional conditions.

Since Level 2 is closed to outsiders, the payment link is only given personally via e-mail to those who have been qualified for Level 2.

If you wish to enrol with us, please start at Level 1 regardless of your previous experience in Magic/Esoterics.