Studying at the Magisterium Academy – INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS

This page contains the necessary information regarding the Academy, the Knowledge we give and do not give, the teaching programme, teaching methods, enrollment eligibility as well as the guarantees we provide and do not provide.

Please study carefully before applying.

Table of Contents

Who are we?

The Magisterium Academy of Magic is an educational project created by the Order of the Knowledge Keepers.

The Order is a group of Magicians associated with the ancient civilization of Atlantis, that has been preserving the magical knowledge of this civilization to this day.

The Academy offers Magic training to candidates with a serious attitude from all over the world.

What do we teach?

The magical tradition studied at the Academy is the legacy of the civilization of Atlantis and its science. It uses scientific methods of cognition and training, has no relation to any existing religions and does not require faith in any kind of religious dogma.

There is no requirement for any special knowledge or abilities for those wishing to enroll.

What can you get?

We offer our students the most complete and effective program of learning Magic that allows to gain extrasensory perception, the ability to affect reality and ultimately become a specialist in one of many Magical specializations without having any prior abilities or skills in the beginning.

The technologies used at the Academy make it possible to develop magical abilities in any seriously minded and hard-working student.

Those who have completed the full cycle of training receive a chance to gain immortality of consciousness.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into 5 levels, over the course of which students study the science of Magic and reveal their magical abilities, gradually moving from simple techniques and concepts to complex ones.

Each level consists of a certain number of training courses that are interconnected logically.

The duration of basic education at the Academy is 3 years.

An additional 2 years comprise the advanced level, during which students undergo an in-depth study of Magic and receive one or more Magic Specializations.

After completing the 5-year training, Adepts are eligible to participate in the Order’s research projects as well as to continue their training under Individual Programs.

Curriculum Levels

Level 1. “The Gates of Knowledge”

During their 1st year of study, students receive large amounts of information concerning the functioning of the universe and mankind – the knowledge that lies at the foundation of Magic. This body of knowledge contains answers to almost any questions which you as a seeker of truth might have – answers which can not be found neither in modern science nor in religion.

One of the main goals of the 1st level of training is to change your view of the world to that of a Magician – one capable of altering reality.

Practical training on the 1st level develops the basic skills of a Magician: controlling the states of your consciousness and your body’s energetics, working with chakras, with the Assemblage Point, learning light circulation techniques.

Attaining these skills makes it possible to start practicing Planetary Magic, which on the 1st Level of training starts with studying the secret language of the Tarot, tuning into energy streams and using the Minor Forces for various purposes.

Level 2. “The Gates of Transformation”

The main goal at Level 2 is to develop extrasensory abilities – to perceive the subtle plane and the energies of the surrounding living things and non-living objects.

At Level 2 we also begin studying the Major Forces, working with which opens magical abilities and transforms one into a Magician.

While mastering the Major Forces, students develop their abilities to influence reality and refine magic techniques which make it possible to manage past, present and future events.

In the process of studying at Level 2 students get accustomed to the main rules and laws of magical work.

Level 3. “The Gates of Power”

Level 3 students continue studying the Major Forces of Planetary Magic.

At this level, the ability to conduct significant and powerful impacts starts unfolding in front of the students. These impacts make it possible to induce almost any necessary change in the destiny or the overall life of a given individual.

Two of the most important topics covered at Level 3 are Creating Spells and Bond Magic.

Students learn to create and use various spells – from the most simple to more complicated ones, as well as to neutralize or reflect impacts from other magicians.

Those who master Bond Magic (also known as the Magic of Connections) can influence the surrounding people, affect their relationships and build them according to their own needs.

Level 4. “The Gates of Adepts”

Level 4 deals primarily with Elemental Magic and building up abilities within the three main types of Magic: working with situations, healing and creating artifacts.

Fire Magic – gives the ability to manipulate energy

Earth Magic – to manipulate matter

Water Magic – to manipulate past events

Air Magic – to manipulate future events

After studying the basics of Elemental Magic, three main Magical Specializations are covered:

Battle Magic – the art of managing processes and situations

Healing – the art of correcting the health and condition of living organisms

Sorcery – the art and technology of creating magical artifacts: amulets, talismans and magical machines.

Level 5. “The Gates of Mysteries”

At the 5th level students study the more secret and complicated areas of Magic, work with past incarnations and the gaining of an immortal consciousness.

Some of the Level 5 topics include:

  • Reincarnation
  • Immortalizing the Personality
  • Clairvoyance
  • Theurgy – working with the Higher Powers
  • Parallel Worlds
  • Demonology
  • Programming and controlling other people’s minds
  • The art of changing one’s appearance
  • Necromancy
  • Places of Power
  • and so on.

Teaching Methods

Students study at the Academy through online webinars, which occur once or twice a week depending on the Level.

The most important topics are covered at live seminars that are held several times a year in different countries around the world.

The main goal of live seminars is to establish a direct contact between the Teacher and the Apprentices, to transfer energy to the students – which is required for a faster and stronger development of magical abilities.

In order to enhance the learning process, we use special technology – various magic artefacts and machines, which significantly improve the efficacy of training.

Every student receives access to the forum and chat. These are used to have questions answered, to get help from the Teachers, and to receive study materials. There are also closed sections of the forum depending on the Level, which contain various texts and supplementary materials.


Any person, aged 20 and above, is eligible to apply, regardless of sex and religious attitudes, provided they do not have any mental illness.

In order to apply for training at the Academy, the candidates must file and submit the corresponding form on the Academy Website, providing all the necessary information about themselves.

Attracting a big number of students is not our goal. We are only interested in teaching those with a serious attitude.

Because of this, we will carefully study your energetics and the parameters of your consciousness. Based on our assessment, we will either admit you to the Academy or decline your application, of which you will be notified within 3 days after your submission.

We reserve the right to decline applicants without providing explanation.


We do not guarantee that we will accept you.

We can not provide a 100% guarantee that you will become a Magician.

We do not promise that the training will be easy.

However, our teaching experience over the course of 15 years tells us that students with the right attitude and work ethic receive the results they expect. If you consider yourself ready for training, you can fill out the application form here.