Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Magic?

Magic is a system of knowledge about the Universe and the Human. It is also the science about the development of the human consciousness and the management of reality.

2. Who are the Magicians?

The Magicians are creatures who are capable of changing reality.

3. What are Magical abilities?

Magical abilities are abilities of the human consciousness to change reality.

4. Where do Magical abilities come from? How can they be acquired?

Magical abilities appear naturally on certain stages of human consciousness development. Magical abilities can be achieved through specific practices called Magic Practices.

5. Where did the knowledge of Magic come from?

Magic is a science, which was created by the scientists of a highly developed civilization called Atlantis, which existed on the Earth more than 60 thousand years ago.

6. What is the Order of the Knowledge Keepers? What are its goals?

The Order of the Knowledge Keepers is a community of the Magicians of Atlantis, which appeared after the civilization of Atlantis collapsed. Being immortal, the Magicians of Atlantis retained all the knowledge of the collapsed civilization of Atlantis.
The goal of the Order is to preserve the knowledge of Atlantis and to train new Magicians capable of using this knowledge.

7. How are the creators of this website connected with the Order of the Knowledge Keepers?

The creators of this website are Magicians – members of the Order and their apprentices.

8. Is it possible to start learning Magic from you?

It will become possible soon – follow the news and announcements on our website.