Level 1 – ‘The Gates of Knowledge

Studying at the Magisterium Academy starts with level 1.

Level 1 – “The Gates of Knowledge” consists of 32 lessons, over the course of which you will:

  • Learn the main terms and fundamentals of Magic Science, understand how Magic works, where Magicians get their Power and how to acquire Magical Abilities;
  • Learn to feel energy and manage the energies of your own body; make the first steps towards perceiving the subtle planes;
  • Stop doubting the existence of energy, chakras and subtle planes – you will see for yourself the reality of their existence and will acquire the basic skills of working with them;
  • Commence studying Planetary magic and mastering the Forces, with the help of which Ancient Mages acquired access to managing Reality.

The duration of the entire course is 4 months.

Lessons are conducted in the form of live online video-conferences, during which every Student can ask questions, as well as discuss the matter with the Teacher and other Students.

If you miss the live lesson, you can view the recording later at any time.

LEVEL 1 is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1 – General Education

12 lessons, 2-2.5 hours each.

During the first 12 lessons you will learn the main terminology, topics and relevant information from all the fundamental areas of Magic Science.

This will form the knowledge basis which will help you understand the main principles of Magic and will prepare you for Practical Work.

Lesson Contents


Ancient advanced civilisations of the Earth. Ancient non-human races and the origins of humanity. Atlantis. Technologies of the Atlanteans and the Creation of Magicians. The Great Flood. The world after the global catastrophe. The Forbidden Cities of Gods. The Return of the Magicians. The Creation of Magical Empires.

The Ancient Egyptian Empire. Seth the Magician and his School. The Black Book of Seth and the Sacred Book of Thoth. The fall of Ancient Egypt. The Creation of the Tarot Cards. Magic in the Ancient World. The Orphic Order and the Campaigns of Alexander the Great. Magic in the Middle Ages. Secrets of the Knights Templar and other Magical Orders. The epidemic of The Undead in Europe. The Order of the Dragon. Rosicrucians and Freemasons. Theosophists and Spiritualists. Magic and Occult Technology in the Third Reich. Magic in the modern world. Knowledge Transfer Lineages. and The Magical Tradition.


Three Types of Magic and Three types of Magical Energy Sources. Voodoo magic and Shamanism as the technology of working with Spirits. Planetary Magic as the technology of working with the Planet’s Consciousness. Runic Magic as the technology of working with energy flows.

The Creation of Souls. Reincarnation and the development of consciousness. Human society and castes. Stages of consciousness development and the accumulation of personality traits. The passage of human castes and the accumulation of life experience in the physical world. Magical castes and obtaining experience of living in the multidimensional space. Magicians of different Levels: Psychics, Healers, Alchemists and Demiurges. Further Evolution outside the Earth.


The world as an information matrix. The human brain as a machine for managing reality. Practical Kabbalism and the Language of Creation. True Names. The mystery of multiple dimensions. Seven Levels of Reality. Expanding the Consciousness and Perceiving the World of Spirits. Spirits as the inhabitants of the multidimensional space. Out-of-body practises and distant interactions. Magic as a technology for training consciousness and the key to Immortality.


The 7 human bodies. Chakras and the Assemblage Point. Dan-tian and energy meridians. The Energy Cocoon. The Assemblage Point. Leaders and Mediums. The concept of a Magician’s Personal Power. Reality as an Agreement. Assemblage Point Management. Spiritual Growth. Shapeshifting. Changing the Past and the Future. Out-of-body practices and and Reincarnation. Assemblage Point Control Techniques: Dreaming, Stalking, and Magicians’ Energy Practices.


The Sephiroth Tree as a Map of Reality. The Great Arcana of the Tarot as the Keys to Reality Management. The Channels and the Sephiroth. Streams of Energy and other Worlds. Arcanum Mages and Sephiroth Coordinators. Angels as programming language commands. Rituals of the Arcana. Managing Energy Flow and Gaining Power. Principles of Impacting Reality. Safety precautions.


The Evocation Circle as a Volt of the Universe. Elements as aggregative states of matter. Minor Arcana of the Tarot and Magical Practices. St.Jacob’s Ladder as the Path of Evolution. The Elemental Worlds. Elementals as inhabitants of other universes. Portals to other universes. Court Cardsof the Minor Arcana and Evocation Magic. Aces as the containers of the Universe.


Three types of consciousnesses in Magic. Egregores as collective consciousnesses. Artificial and Natural Egregores. Religious Egregores and the management of humanity. National and Territorial Egregores. Social Magic. Principles of impacting global processes and managing Egregores.


White Magic as the Way of Consciousness Evolution and Spiritual Growth. Black Magic as the Way of Increasing Personal Significance. Light and Dark Worlds. The Hierarchy of Light and the Hierarchy of Darkness. Gray Magic as the Way of Balance. Karma and the Law of Bestowal.


Specialisations in Magic. The Three Main Magic Specialisations – Battle Magic, Healing, Wizardry. Additional Specialisations – Wanderers Between Worlds, Demonology, Necromancy, Psyonics, Shapeshifting, Masters of Illusions, Alchemy.


Types of Magic Artifacts – Amulets, Talismans and complex Artifacts. Artifacts for ordinary people. Artifacts for Adepts and Magicians. Elemental Tools: The Sword of Fire, The Pentacle of the Earth, The Chalice of Water, The Wand of Air. Magic Machines. Temples as Magic Machines. Ancient Pyramids: functions and purpose. Labyrinths and transitions to Other Worlds.


The Planetary Hierarchy. Modern and Ancient Magical Orders. The Order of the Phoenix. Orders and Schools of Ancient Egypt. Antique Magical Orders. Knights Templar and Medieval Magical Orders. The differences between Magical Orders and Schools. Unifying consciousnesses within a Magic Circle and the Hyper-Brain principle. Magical Orders and the management of Planetary Processes. The Planetary Hierarchy of Magicians. Parallel Worlds and Representatives of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.


Initiation rituals as a way of transforming consciousness. True and False Initiations. Types of Magical Initiations. Initiations of Isis and Osiris. Initiation of Death. The Three Initiations of Magicians. The first Initiation of Magicians and achieving immortality. The Second Initiation of Magicians and the Ascension. The Third Initiation of Magicians and Leaving the World of Forms. The Magical technology of gaining immortality.

While studying at Level 1, you will receive answers to a large number of questions, for which many people search throughout their entire lives.

You will receive clear and logical knowledge that is necessary for understanding the Laws of the Universe and the Practice of Magic – knowledge possessed by neither religion nor modern science.

After completing the First Part of Level 1, you will change your view on the world. You will not only understand how Magic and various Spiritual Practices work, but you will also take a fresh look at the World and the people around you, and will have a better understanding of the meaning of the events taking place in Your Life. You will understand what Fate is – and most likely you will find a new meaning in life.

After completing the 1st part of the training, you will be ready for Practical Activities.

Part 2 – Basic Energy Practices of Magicians

14 practical lessons, 1.5 hours each

This part of the training is totally practical. During these lessons you will learn to feel energy and, with the help of the Teachers, will make the first steps in perceiving the subtle world.

Feeling energy, you will learn the main methods of working with the energy of your body and learn to:

  • Create energy flows to affect yourself, the world and other people;
  • Manage your Assemblage Point in order to achieve various goals;
  • Enter Magical States of Consciousness which allow for perceiving the subtle planes and use the consciousness to influence the world, other people and the properties of space;
  • Work with energy centers – chakras; master the main methods of working with them; understand how their functions affect the body and mind;
  • Cleanse your energy from negative influences and help other people.

Lesson contents:

Lesson 1. Basic consciousness control skills.

Attention, Purpose, Concentration and Visualization.

Lesson 2. The Light Circulation Technique.

Forming the skill of controlling you body’s energy. Straight Energy Circle – affecting the world and outer objects. Reversed Energy Circle – affecting yourself. Cleansing your meridians from energy blockages. 

Lesson 3. Moving Your Assemblage Point.

Alternate consciousness states. Expanding consciousness. Alternate consciousness states and activating magical abilities.

Lesson 4. Upper and Lower Connections.

Connections between humans and the Upper & Lower Worlds and corresponding practices. Hellish Planes and Cleansing your Energy from Negative Influences. The Light World, harmonizing your consciousness and receiving Aid.

Lesson 5. Energy Interactions Training.

Training sensitivity towards subtle energies.

Lesson 6. Practices of Nourishing subtle bodies with energy.

Lesson 7. The Muladhara Chakra.

Chakras as energy hubs connecting humans to the Planet. Muladhara practices. The Musco-Skeletal body system. Previous Incarnations Energy.

Lesson 8. The Svadhisthana Chakra.

Svadhisthana practices. The Hormonal body system and sexual energy. Managing sexual energy and childbirth. Harmonizing the urinal-sexual system. Energy connections with sexual partners.

Lesson 9. The Manipura Chakra.

Energy of the Will and the Immune System. Manipura practices. The Family Channel and connections with your ancestors. Family Programmes. Cleansing and harmonizing Family Energies.

Lesson 10. The Anahata Chakra.

The cardio-vascular system. Human emotions. Intuition channel and extrasensory abilities. Anahata practices. Harmonizing the Anahata chakra and cleansing energy blockages. The Magical Animal Channel.  Energy connections with friends and enemies.

Lesson 11. The Vishuddha Chakra.

Upper respiratory tract and speech functions. Human thinking and behavior patterns. Personal experience. Vishuddha practices. Harmonizing the Vishuddha Chakra and the thinking process. Energy connections with colleagues and like-minded people.

Lesson 12. The Ajna Chakra.

Organs of perception. The Third Eye and Magical Abilities. Ajna practices. Activating the 3rd Eye in two modes. Telepathy and Illusions. Telepathic Channels of Mages.

Lesson 13. The Sahasrara Chakra.

The brain cortex. Abstract thinking. Sahasrara practices. Geniality and connections with Egregores. Harmonizing the Sahasrara Chakra and breaking connections with negative egregores.

Lesson 14. Practicum and testing the acquired abilities.

Additional techniques for working with Chakras, the energy cocoon, assemblage point, channels and meridians.

Over 14 lessons you will learn the energy practices of Magicians which constitute the secret part of Ritual Magic, the knowledge of which have always been passed verbally from Teacher to Apprentice and have never been publicized.

After concluding Part 2 of Level 1 training you will see for yourself the existence subtle bodies, chakras, and the invisible reality which is usually called the multidimensional space or subtle planes.

The reality of all these things will become for you a part of your own personal experience, and not a subject of discussion.

Over a small period of time you will acquire that on which many people spend years of their lives.

Moreover, even at this stage some techniques of energy work and help will be available to you – to use both for yourself and for other people.

Part 3 – Basics of Ritual Magic. Studying the Minor Forces.

6 practical lessons 1.5-2 hours each.

In the third part of the training we will begin perceiving the basics of Planetary Magic which gives the key to managing any events of Reality.

Having studied the secret language of the Tarot, you will be able to extract the secret instructions from the cards which give access to invisible Forces, allowing for effectively changing the Reality in accordance with your goals. 

During this part of the training you will learn and will become able to attune your consciousness to energy currents and work with the Five Minor Forces, which make it possible to change the circumstances of the life of a given individual.

Lesson Contents:

Lesson 1. Studying the Secret Tarot Language.

The Glyph Language. Technology of reading the Tarot Cards. Conducting the Ritual. Connecting to the Channels and Acquiring the Siddhas. Managing the Forces. Minor Forces peculiarities. World Religions Egregores and Physical Plane Rituals. Secret religions and the ‘Gates to Magic’.

Lesson 2. XXII Major Arcanum “The Fool”. Mystical properties of Judaism.

Rituals of the 22 Arcanum. Gaining the ability of adapting to the changing World, building hyper-effective behaviour.
Practicum – managing the 22nd Force. Applying the Force to yourself and to the outer world.
Creating the 22nd Arcanum Talisman – “Effectiveness”.

Lesson 3. XXIII Major Arcanum “The World”. Mystical properties of Christianity.

Rituals of the 21 Arcanum. Opening the heart chakra and gaining Felicity – i.e. harmony with the World. Christian Magic. The “Sacrifice” principle and Universal Balance. Receiving Aid from the World.
Removing Curses and other Negative Impacts.
Practicum – managing the 21st Force, applying the Force to yourself and the Outer World.
Creating a Talisman of the 21st Arcanum – “Receiving the Necessary”. 

Lesson 4. XIX Major Arcanum “The Sun”. Mystical properties of Islam. The Force of Providence.

Rituals of the 19th Arcanum. The Force of Providence, gaining Inner Harmony and Happiness.
Practicum – managing the 19th Force. Applying the 19th Force to yourself and to the outer world.
Creating a Talisman of the 19th Arcanum “Inner Harmony”.

Lesson 5. XX Major Arcanum “Judgement Day”. Secret societies of the West. Mystical Christianity and Spiritualism. Resurrection and awakening your Previous Incarnations.

Rituals of the 20th Arcanum. Activating the Subconsciousness and Magical Abilities. Contacting the world of spirits.
Practicum  – managing the 20th Force. Applying the 20th Force to yourself.
Creating a Talisman of the 20th Arcanum – “Awakening the Subconsciousness”. 

Lesson 6. XVIII Arcanum “The Way”.

Secret Orders of the East. Sufism. The True Mission of a human being. 12 Zodiac Constellations and the Evolution of Consciousness.
Rituals of the 18th Arcanum. Gaining the Knowledge of the Mission and the ability to distinguish between True and False.
Practicum – managing the 18th Force. Applying the 18th Force to yourself and other people.
Creating a Talisman of the 18th Arcanum – “Compass of Destiny” and “Inducement to Development”.

Mastering these simple Forces will let you learn the Basic Planetary Magic Techniques and prepare your consciousness and energy for working with more powerful Forces and Energy Currents on the next training levels.

Course Pricing

We offer you two payment plans:

1. You can pay for the entire Level which lasts 4 months and consists of 32 lessons (2 lessons a week): $600.00 USD per 4 months.

2. You can pay for your training per month. In this case, the cost will be $165.00 USD per month (subscription). 
In this case (Plan 2) you can cease your training at any moment, and after the paid month elapses, no money will be charged from your account.

The Magisterium Academy Students receive:

  • Access to live video conferences with the Academy Teachers – for all paid lessons;
  • Access to the video & audio archive containing the recordings of all the paid lessons;
  • Access to closed Student-only areas of the Academy Forum where you can discuss the learned materials with other Students and Teachers, ask any questions and receive answers;
  • Access to closed Materials and Events intended for Magisterium Students only;
  • Priority access to Academy Events with limited number of participants.

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