Level 1 Curriculum

Level 1 – ‘The Gates of Knowledge’

Studying at the Magisterium Academy begins at Level 1, regardless of previous experience.

You can also view the detailed Level 1 Syllabus.

Table of Contents



Part 1 – General Magical Education
Part 2 – Basic Energy Practices of Magicians
Part 3 – The Basics of Ritual Magic. The Minor Forces.

Course length: 4 months
Total amount of lessons: 32
Lesson duration: 90-150 minutes
Lesson frequency: 2 times a week
Format: interactive live online webinars


Level 1 – ‘The Gates of Knowledge’ – consists of 32 lessons, during which you will:

  • Get accustomed with the basic concepts and fundamental principles of the science of Magic, gain an understanding of how Magic works, where Magicians draw their Strengths and how to gain Magic Abilities.
  • Learn to feel energies and manage those of your own body, take the first steps in perceiving the subtle worlds.
  • No longer doubt the existence of energy, chakras and subtle planes – you will witness the reality of their existence based on your own experience and gain the basic skills of working with them.
  • Begin learning Planetary Magic and mastering the Forces through which the Ancient Magicians gained access to managing Reality.

The duration of Level 1 is 4 months. 


Classes are held in the form of online video conferences, during which each student can ask questions of interest and engage in discussions with the teacher or other students.

If you unable to attend the online lesson, you will be able to watch the recording at a convenient time.

Part 1 – General Magical Education

12 lessons, 120-150 minutes each

During the first 12 lessons you will study the basic concepts and topics as well as acquire the knowledge related to the fundamental sections of Magic Science.

These lessons will lay the foundation that will help you understand the basic principles of Magic and prepare you for Practices.

You will learn about:

  • The secret history of the Earth and Mankind, the highly developed civilizations that once existed on Earth, the traces of advanced technologies that have survived to the present day, the knowledge that the prehistoric civilizations possessed, and how this knowledge has survived to the present.
  • The true purpose of the Ancient Megaliths – the Egyptian and American Pyramids, Stonehenge, Megalithic Temples and other structures of the Ancient Civilizations.
  • The goals and activities of the Magical Orders and Secret Societies of the past and present.
  • What were Religions created for, and what is their relation to Magic.
  • How do religious miracles happen, and where do the Saints and Hermits draw their forces from?
  • How does the evolution of human consciousness and the development of Magical Abilities work
  • What sources of Power are used by Magicians of various Traditions.
  • How Magicians create the events they need and how they influence other people.
  • How does the reality, in which we live, function, what is the nature of miracles, paranormal and inexplicable phenomena.
  • What is Karma (aka the Law of Bestowal), and how your actions (which you often don’t think about) affect your life and your future.
  • How your past lives affect what is happening to you today.
  • What is Fate and whether it is possible to change it.
  • What are Subtle planes and multidimensional space?
  • What happens to a human being after death.
  • What are Spirits, Angels, Demons and other Entities;
  • What are Magical Practices and what needs to be done in order to develop Magical Abilities.
  • Why the Rituals and Magic Techniques described in various esoteric and occult literature don’t work for most people
  • What is the Planetary Hierarchy and how does it affect humanity and the events taking place in the World.
  • The True Purposes of Magicians, the technologies that allow for gaining Immortality, the Path of the Gods by embarking on which an ordinary person can approach the state of a God.

While studying at Level 1, you will receive answers to a large number of questions, for which many people search throughout their entire lives.

You will receive clear and logical knowledge that is necessary for understanding the Laws of the Universe and the Practice of Magic – knowledge possessed by neither religion nor modern science.

After completing the First Part of Level 1, you will change your view on the world. You will not only understand how Magic and various Spiritual Practices work, but you will also take a fresh look at the World and the people around you, and will have a better understanding of the meaning of the events taking place in Your Life. You will understand what Fate is – and most likely you will find a new meaning in life.

After completing the 1st part of the training, you will be ready for Practical Activities.

Part 2 – Basic Energy Practices of Magicians.

14 practical lessons, 90 minutes each.

This is a completely practical part of the training, over the course of which you will learn to feel energy. With the help of Masters you will take the first steps in understanding the subtle world.

After starting to feel energy, you will learn the basic techniques of working with the energy of your own body. You will acquire the following skills:

  • creating energy torrents aimed at influencing yourself, the world and other people;
  • managing your Assemblage Point in order to achieve various goals;
  • entering Magical States of Consciousness, which allow for perceiving the subtle planes and influencing the world, people and properties of space with one’s consciousness;
  • working with the human energy centers – chakras – mastering the basic techniques of managing them, and learning how their functioning affects the human body and mind.
  • cleaning your energy from negative influences and helping other people.

Over the course of 14 lessons you will master the energy practices which constitute the secret part of Ritual Magic. The knowledge of these practices has always been transmitted verbally from teacher to apprentice and has never been common knowledge.

After completing Part 2 of Level 1 training, you will be convinced – by your own experience – of the existence of subtle human bodies, chakras and an invisible reality, which is usually called the multidimensional space or the subtle planes.

The reality of all these things will no longer be a subject of debate for you – it will be your personal experience.

Over a short period of time you will receive the things, in order to acquire which many people spend countless years of their life.

Moreover, already at this stage some techniques regarding energy work and helping other people will be available to you.

Part 3 – The Basics of Ritual Magic. Studying the Minor Forces

6 practical lessons, 90-120 minutes each.

In the Part 3 of Level 1 we will begin to comprehend the basics of Planetary Magic, which provides the key to managing any events of Reality.

After learning the secret language of the Tarot, you will be able to extract secret Instructions from the cards. These instructions show how to gain access to the invisible Forces, which allow you to effectively change the Reality in accordance with your goals.

During this part of the training, you will study and learn to attune your consciousness to energy flows and work with the Five Minor Forces, which allow you to change the circumstances of one’s life.

The Minor Forces include:

The 22nd Force – adapting to any conditions of the World and building effective behaviour.

The 21st Force – entering the state of Harmony with the World and getting what you need from the World.

The 19th Force – normalizing one’s psycho-emotional sphere and introducing them into the state of happiness.

The 20th Force – awakening Past Incarnations and stirring Magical Abilities

The 18th Force – understanding one’s Purpose in life and distinguishing between True and False.

Mastering these simple Forces will allow you to master the Basic Techniques of Planetary Magic and prepare your consciousness and energy for working with more powerful Forces and Energy Streams at the next levels of training.


We offer two types of tuition fee plans:

Payment Plan 1Pay for the entire Level 1
(4 months, 32 video lessons)
for entire level
Payment Plan 2 *Pay on a monthly basis
(1 month, 8 video lessons)
per month subscription

* With Payment Plan 2 you can stop your subscription at any time. After the paid month has passed, no further payment will be billed from your account.

Students of the Magisterium Academy receive:

  • Access to live on-line video lessons with the Academy Teachers;
  • Access to the video and audio archive containing records of all previous paid classes;
  • Access to the closed Forum sections reserved for the Academy Students, where you can discuss the studied material with your Teachers and other students, ask questions of interest to you;
  • Access to closed Materials and Events intended for Academy Students only;
  • Priority access to Academy events which have a limited number of participants.

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