The Mystery of Birth and the 15th Arcanum

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During sex, a male-female couple forms an energy vortex. This funnel sucks in the consciousnesses (souls) of people that reside in subtle planes after their deaths, and pulls them to the place of conception.

If fertilization takes place, a physical body is formed, which is immediately connected to the consciousness attracted from the world of spirits.

As the fetus develops, the consciousness, that was caught by the energy vortex, moves into the physical body.

After birth, the child continues living on the subtle planes for a long while.

Gradually, through bringing up, parents and society fix his consciousness in the physical world and make him a regular human being.

While the consciousness is descending from the higher planes, the child’s fontanel (Sahasrara chakra) remains open. After the fontanel is closed, the consciousness resides permanently in the physical body.

If one exercises spiritual practices at a mature age, the reverse process happens – the fontanel opens again.

The spiritual level of the attracted consciousness depends on the size of the vortex created by the parents, which, in turn, depends on their level of development, as well as the place, time and other conception conditions.

In Magic, the informational-energy vortex created during conception is called the Seizure Pillar.

If this Pillar reaches only the world of ghosts, it is possible to seize a person that has just died or some other entity. This is a very unfavorable situation since a person who has not been cleaned on the astral levels brings along with him all the information, defects and passions from the previous life.
Entities, on the other hand, have no mental bodies and are principally different from humans.

In both cases, the born child will be defective.

The same is true for “seizing consciousnesses” at lower astral levels. The consciousnesses abiding here have not yet had the necessary “cleaning” and are of a low spiritual level.

In addition, this level is swarming with parasites, elemental spirits and other entities.

The seizure of such a spirit that does not have a mental body (i.e. soul) leads to the birth of a person that lives according to different laws than the rest of humanity.

The most favorable scenario is seizing a Consciousness at the upper levels of the astral world.

Seizing a consciousness at the mental planes is only possible according the will of creatures dwelling there.

Inhabitants of the mental planes choose their place and time of birth themselves according to the will of a higher mind.

Regular people as a rule can not influence what consciousness (soul) will incarnate in the body of their future child.

However, a Magician that is skilled in the 15th Arcanum can influence which soul is attracted by the parents at the moment of conception.

A Magician possessing this ability can help a couple have a child of the required sex and certain character traits.

In order to do this, the Magician chooses a consciousness with the required qualities and establishes a connection between it and the couple that is preparing for conception.

This manipulation can be done in several ways:

First, by directing the seizure pillar during sexual intercourse aimed at conceiving a child. This method is useful only if one of the parents is a Magician skilled in 15th Arcanum techniques and able to control his own energetics.

The second method is to create an energy connection between the consciousness (soul) of the unembodied person and the womb of the woman ready for conception.

The third method consists of creating a talisman that attracts the required soul at the moment of conception.

In addition, a Magician can incarnate a specific person (soul) that the parents are interested in. Usually this is done if the couple’s previous child or close relative has died recently and they want to incarnate him in their future child.

From the lecture on the 15th Arcanum, 3rd level, Magisterium – The International Academy of Magic