The Legend of Necronomicon, the Undead & Churches Made of Human Bones

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Strange constructions, known as Ossuaries, were built during the Middle Ages in various European towns. Ossuaries are temples built from human bones. The biggest of these Ossuaries is located in the Czech Republic.

According to modern scientists, ossuaries were built as burial places for the victims of different epidemics.

However, Magicians know other reasons for which these sinister constructions appeared, and these reasons date back to the times of Ancient Egypt.

According to legend, Egypt had been ruled by gods long before the first pharaohs. However, these gods were not gods in the common sense, but Magicians belonging to the perished highly advanced civilization of Atlantis.

These Magicians possessed such great knowledge, powers and advanced Atlantean technologies, that they were worshipped as gods by ordinary people.

One of these Magicians was Seth – a powerful Magician who had a vast and deep knowledge of Death Magic – Necromancy.

Seth wrote a book where he recorded his knowledge and the results of his research in the World of the Dead. After many centuries, this book became known as the Black Book, or Necronomicon.

Despite the fact that most copies of this book had been destroyed back in Ancient Egypt, some of its fragments (or perhaps the whole book) were found in the cash of an Ancient Egyptian temple during the Arabian conquest of Egypt.

Arabic translations of various parts of the Necronomicon made their way into Europe during the Middle Ages and the crusades, thus originating witchcraft and village magic (together with the remnants of local paganism).

According to some data, the inquisition was actively searching for the Black Book and its fragments, and it is quite probable that the repositories of Vatican store a relatively full version of the Black Book.

Apart from other information concerning Necromancy and Death Magic, the Black Book described the technology of raising dead bodies – acquiring the so-called Undead.

Magical legends say that during the 15-16th centuries, when Europe was under a direct threat of Muslim conquest, the Black Book was taken from the Vatican repositories and the technology of raising the dead was given over to the European Order of the Dragon. One the most famous member of this order was the father of Vlad Tepes, and maybe he himself…

According to legends, the technology was used to create several Undead, who were practically invincible in battle… A handful of Undead could send a whole detachment of the Ottoman army flying for their lives…

Maybe this is one of the reasons the Muslim conquest of Europe was eventually stopped.

Whatever the truth, legends of vampires – blood sucking undead – appeared in Eastern Europe exactly at that time.

However, all wars end sooner or later, and something had to be done with the living dead who terrorized the populations over great areas in Eastern and Central Europe.

The building of «Ossuaries» (churches made of human bones) in some European countries, apart from the declared purpose of giving peace to the victims of epidemics, had yet another function – to repose the undead. If such a Magically risen deadman is placed in a church of this type, the remains of thousands of people being part of the architectural construction would suck out his energy and extinguish the artificially fed life.

Today Ossuaries have become massive tourist attractions. However, one should always remember that a lengthy stay in such places could lead to substantial life energy losses and have a negative impact on one’s health.