The 7 Chakras

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There are 7 energy centers in the energy structure of the human being. These centers are called Chakras. Chakras are responsible for energy exchange between the body and the outside world.

Each Chakra is responsible for the work of certain organ systems or functions of consciousness.

By introducing information into the Chakras and regulating how they function, Magicians and Healers can alter the state of one’s body and mind.

The 7 Chakras and their brief description:

1. Muladhara chakra – responsible for the blood and bone-muscle body systems;
2. Svadhishthana – responsible for the endocrine system;
3. Manipura – responsible for the digestive system and Will parameter;
4. Anahata – responsible for the emotional sphere and intuition;
5. Vishuddha – responsible for logical thinking and thought-forms;
6. Ajna – responsible for telepathy and clairvoyance;
7. Sahasrara – responsible for abstract thinking and provides connection to Egregores.

Working with Chakras is one of the basic Magical skills and is covered at the Magisterium Academy of Magic on the 1st level.