Spells, Incantations and Prayers

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Some Magical procedures, such as «spells», «incantations» and «prayers» may seem similar from the external viewpoint.

However, the internal mechanisms of how they function are significantly distinct.

These differences are often omitted in numerous publications on the topic of Magic.

Religious literature, in turn, divides the procedures not according to the mechanisms of their work, but in relation to whether the particular religion’s dogmas consider them as «good» or «bad». Religious dogma is usually based upon statements, which are not grounded on anything: «First, we are right…». However, these «only right» religions have formed a long chain, coming one after the other over the course of human history. And every next religion blamed the previous one in worshipping the devil. Thus, it has always turned out that over the previous centuries people had been praying to the devil and the dark forces. 

Since every previous religion was based on approximately the same conceptions and arguments as the one following it, there is absolutely no evidence in favour of considering modern religions an exception, including the postulate of absolute a priori righteousness.

There are no reasons for trusting the unfounded statements of dogmatic followers. We offer you a clear classification of the mentioned concepts from a Magician’s point of view.


Spells are energy structures created by a Magician’s consciousness using his own energy or energy gained from the source he is working with. The structure (or pattern) is created by the Magician himself.

A very important factor is the dimensionality of space in which the spell was created. (4D space – ether plane, 7D space – astral plane, 12D space – mental plane). This determines the impact’s power and form, and how the spell affects people of different consciousness levels. For example, the same spell can have a significant effect on people of the first Caste, and no effect on 1st level Magicians. 

Spells can be stable or can loose their power quickly. 

This depends on how they are fixed and supplied with energy. A spell can be attached to a certain place, cast on a certain person or connected to a certain object.

A spell usually functions through directly affecting the subtle bodies. The energies of energy threads are being read directly by the brain, bypassing the senses. However, while being under a spell, one can get the full spectrum of experiences as in a real situation. 

For example, we are trying to stop someone from being addicted to alcohol. In order to do so, we cast a spell on him, which makes his brain identify the sensations from consuming alcohol with the sensations from consuming ordinary water. As a result, the state which was the purpose of consuming alcohol, vanishes. Drinking becomes pointless.

Another example: we create a binding love spell and cast it on two people, and as a result the sensations of love, passion and sexual desire appear between them.

However, these feeling towards each other will be caused only by the spell, while their true feelings and desires will have nothing to do with it. 

In a way, a spell creates a new reality for the person under its influence.

The spell itself is a structure, which is placed into the consciousness and subtle bodies of the affected person. 

In a multi-dimensional space, the ideas of size and distance loose their meanings. A spell created by a Magician’s consciousness can affect large numbers of people. 

This is how it happens. Let’s assume you are eating an apple. The corresponding sensations are sent to your brain via the nervous chains. Certain spacial structures, corresponding to your sensations, appear in the corresponding parts of your brain. If these structures are projected outwards – and this is exactly what Magicians are doing – many other people will interact with these structures, perceiving them directly with their brain and get the same sensations as if they were rally eating an apple. 

An average person’s brain is well-shielded. It floats in liquid coatings that isolate the brain from other people’s thought-forms. As the level of consciousness grows and the upper Chakras open, the coatings undergo structural changes. One of the main abilities Magicians possess is the ability of their brain to project (transfer) information.

Thus, a Magician’s brain turns into a powerful transmitter, whose emissions are not blocked by the brain coatings of ordinary people and the Magician becomes capable of directly influencing the consciousness of other people.


Incantations are used by witch-doctors and healers. According to the classification accepted in Magic, they belong to the first level of Magicians. An incantation is a short-term spell, which is accompanied by an acoustic (using sounds and words) impact on a person’s consciousness. An incantation also uses the personal Power of the healer. Often, various religious terminology is introduced into the incantation (names, quotes etc.). This serves a number of goals: first, it opens the consciousness of religious patients to the healer, and second, allows the healers themselves to use the energy of religious Egregores.


A prayer is an appeal for help, i.e. a request, and can be attributed to two Magical procedures at the same time. In essence, prayer is part of summoning Magic – the most dangerous part of Magical Art. Prayer makes it possible to receive help from creatures living in subtle planes (i.e. the spirit world) and to connect to Egregores (i.e. collective organisms – third level systems according to the Magical classification), which means conducting huge amounts of energy through oneself. In spells and incantations a Magician is only using his own energy, which can control fully with his consciousness, and such procedures normally do not cause any unforeseen «side effects». 

Summoning Magic, on the other hand, is quite dangerous. One is always taking a risk when contacting entities beyond the human-perceived world. A person without the abilities of a Magician can never know who or what he has summoned. Magicians with extrasensory abilities have more chances in this area of the Art. However, even Magicians should be very careful with summoning techniques. There is a multitude of so-called «subtle worlds» and each is inhabited by countless types of different creatures. Some of them are friendly, some are hostile and some are simply predatory. Religious demonology is quite simple in its classifications: it divides the «subtle» world into Paradise, inhabited by friendly winged Angels, and Hell, inhabited by hostile evil Demons. Apart from powerful and super-intelligent Demons, there are also smaller enemies: devils and fiends that mainly specialize on small mischief. On the other hand, Angels also have small brothers: cherubs and seraphs (some complacent creatures not aggressive towards humans). Thus, religion divides all the subtle world inhabitants into two armies: one on the side of the forces of Good and the other – of Evil.

The classification of creatures from other worlds, which is accepted in Magic, is much more complicated. This classification divides energies into «Yin» and «Yang» types, according to the properties of Elements, subjects and objects etc. The creatures are divided according to how conscious they are (high forms of consciousness or none, i.e. animals) and so on. There are divisions according to types of energy circulation. Also, Magicians know that there are organisms of three levels, and according to that classification, humans are organisms of the second level. There are creatures living in outer space and there are creatures based on stars and planets. Life in the Universe is very diverse, and one should be extremely careful when contacting an alien form. Even religious adepts warned about the dangers posed by the situation when the creatures arriving are not the ones the praying person had called for.  If a Magician is practicing summoning Magic, he does his best to keep the contact with an alien life form under his total control by using his personal Power and the ability to see. There is a reason why the ancient Magicians were called «seers». 

Working with Egregores is also a dangerous practice. An Egregore is a complex energy structure that follows its own laws. If an adept contacts the Genie or God (mind) of the Egregore, this can lead to large amount of energy flowing through the adept, which is unstable in time. This can lead to cases of religious insanity. 

However, even if the connection itself is successful, the prayer should be precisely worded. An incorrectly worded request can be executed literally.