Places of Power

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Places of Power are points on the Earth’s surface with high-power energy torrents of different characteristics and properties passing through them.

Depending on the characteristics of these torrents, Places of Power can have different effects on humans.

The main characteristic of every Place of Power is its frequency. The low-frequency Places of Power interact with the lower chakras (Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura) and affect the human body. The high-frequency Places of Power interact with the higher chakras (Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara) and affect the human consciousness.

The next most important Places of Power characteristic is their Element parameter. The Element parameter determines how the Place of Power affects both living and non-living matter that is present within its range.

Fire Places of Power – change the energy parameter in living and non-living objects.

Earth Places of Power – change the parameter of matter density.

Water Places of Power – slow down the flow of time.

Air Places of Power – speed up the flow of time and make it possible to work with the diversity of the future.

Life Places of Power – change the parameter of Life.

Death Places of Power – change the parameter of Death in living things and give access to the World of the Dead.

Places of Power can be of natural or technogenic origin.

Natural places of Power have to do with various geo-physical anomalies (faults within the Earth’s crust, underground rivers, etc.).

Technogenic places of Power are artificial constructions that change the properties and energetics of space.

Working with Places of Power is considered very important in Magic since such work gives the ability to produce significant changes in the World or in the Magician’s consciousness through using external energy sources.

Below you can see the descriptions of several Places of Power, including the description of their properties:


Brief description:
One of the major energy centers of the Planet’s consciousness, a powerful source of high-frequency energy.

Frequency: Ajna – Sahasrara. Element: Fire.

Possible use:
Contacting the World of Light, transforming human consciousness, changing destiny.


Brief description:
Technogenic complex, which changes the metrics of multidimensional space. Partly functioning.

Frequency: Vishuddha – Ajna. Element: Air.

Possible use:
Shifting to parallel worlds, working with diversity of the future.


Brief description: Life Place of Power.

Characteristics: frequency: Anahata – Vishuddha. Element: Life.

Possible use: healing.


Brief description: technogenic multifunctional object.

Characteristics: frequency: Ajna. Element: Fire.

Possible use: healing, initiations, transforming human consciousness.


Brief description: technogenic complex used for Initiations.

Characteristics: frequency: Ajna. Element: Water – Fire.

Possible use: Rituals of Initiation, healing.