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When people speak of Magic today, they usually mean either a system of superstitions and delusions that has preserved since the times of primitive humanity, or compilations made by pseudo-scientists and adventurers trying to speculate on the crowd’s illiteracy and its aspiration for miracles.

Not a single “serious scientist” has the right to get into this scandalous area without the risk of being “excommunicated” from the “official” science.

Magicians themselves consider Magic a system of knowledge, and by no means associate it with believing in anything.

At the same time, Magicians are not supporters of any religion, including Satanism. In this regard, Magicians can be considered materialists. The Magicians consider themselves representatives of a different civilization and bearers of its knowledge.

The civilization, the knowledge of which the Magicians are bearers of, perished approximately 65 000 years ago. By the time of its collapse, it had outstripped the modern level of civilization development by around 5 000 years of evolution. At the peak of its progress, that ancient civilization attained the ability to improve the human being by changing the speed of its evolution as a biological species. A new form of humans appeared as a result of this work, who were later called Magicians. These beings formed a totally new type of society based on different principles.

An important (but not the only) difference of Magicians is the so-called ability of “continuous memory”. This mechanism allows the Magicians to restore their memory of previous incarnations in all subsequent incarnations (births or re-births). Such an ability makes it possible for a Magician to develop progressively, summarizing the amassed knowledge, as opposed to starting from scratch every time like all the other people. As a result of this ability, the Magicians turned into a civilization of immortals.

The collapse of the civilization of Atlantis, that created the Magicians, and the following planetary cataclysm could not do them harm, because those same people who had studied in Atlantis and accumulated its wisdom, were born again after centuries in the changed world. Continuing along the way of accelerated evolution, these people continued developing new “exorbitant” abilities in themselves.

The Atlanteans found out that the human being goes through a lengthy way of evolution over many incarnations. The whole route of the person’s development is divided into stages, which the Magicians call castes. There are 4 castes of humans, in each of which a person should accomplish certain objectives – to learn something and to develop new features of consciousness.

The consciousnesses of people from different castes differ significantly between each other.

The Magicians themselves make the 4th caste of humans, or the 4th stage of human development. In turn, this caste can be subdivided into another 4 stages, or levels. The Magicians of different levels differ as much between themselves as do the people of the 4 castes.

Investigating the types of consciousness belonging to people of different castes and Magicians of different levels, the Magicians found out that, possessing different types of consciousness, the representatives of these groups create and live within quite different models of the world.

For example, people of the 1-3 castes live in the described world, the structure of which does not bother them much, and at the same time, they prefer the simplest models of the world. The people of these castes are mostly interested in mutual relations among themselves.

People of the 4th caste, on the opposite, prefer complex models of the world, pay much attention towards them and are not very interested in relations with other people.

Thus appears the necessity of religion – a simple and complete descriptive world model, necessary for the people of the first 3 castes.

On the other hand, modern science is a developing world model that suffices the consciousness of people belonging to the 1st level of the 4th caste.

Being immortal, Magicianes (2-4 levels) are not interested in modern science, since they have access to the system of world models created by the Atlanteans (which outpaces all known achievements by 5000 years), i.e. Magic.

With no distractions on building models (new research of the surrounding world) Magicians are occupied with developing themselves, which increases their ability to interact with reality in different ways.

Such a development results in the ability to make sure through one’s own experience that the model of the world offered by the Magicians is just.


The world model used by the Magicians is quite complicated in details, but can be described relatively easily in general.

The model of the Magicians describes the world from the outside and the inside. In other words, Magicians use two conjugated world models that describe the same things in different ways.


The first model, known today as Kabbalah, describes the world from the outside, from the standpoint of an extraneous observer.

Kabbalah speaks of the informational depiction of the world, that everything that we consider to be matter is in fact information.

Imagine a virtual reality, existing in the form of a computer program. This program describes a world, inside which there is a person – an observer. All possible interactions and physical laws are described within this program, and everything inside that virtual world abides to them. Whatever the person inside undertakes, he will never find out that the world, in which he is living, is a program that is stored on a computer hard drive.

However, imagine, that as a result of some revelation he receives information that the world he is living in is a program. Lets suppose that our person has through some way learned the programming language, with which the program had been written – i.e. the reality, in which he is living, was created. Any programming language has its own commands and operators, with which the programs are written. Having learned such commands, the person can start changing the program, part of which he is. The usage of such commands will be Magic, i.e. it will break all the laws of physics operating in his virtual world.

Through researching reality the Magicians of Atlantis found out that our world is similar to a computer program or a text.

The computer hosting this program is the consciousness of the Universe.
Magicians describe the nature of this consciousness in the following way:
The smallest unit that possesses consciousness (although very different from the human consciousness) is a cell.
The consciousness of a human consists of a conglomerate of billions of cell consciousnesses.
All organisms, viruses and crystals on the Earth form the Planetary consciousness. In turn, planets form the consciousnesses of star systems, and they, in turn – the consciousnesses of galaxies. These are summed up to form the consciousness of the Universe.

The Universe, however, is the container of everything by definition.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that our known reality exists within the consciousness of the Universe, but inside a consciousness only information can exist.

Ancient Kabballah tractates compare our world to a text or a program and every object existing in the world – with a word in that program.

The consciousness of planet Earth can be compared to a computer, inside which our world exists in the form of a program.

At the same time, every computer possesses such an important feature as bit depth. Bit depth determines the number of characters in the words the processor operates with.

Atlanteans found out that the Consciousness of Planet Earth is like a 22-bit computer, i.e. every word in the program that describes our world consists of 22 characters with each character describing a certain parameter of an object in the program.

The part of Magic called Kabballah has to do with studying the “programming language” or the “language of creation”. By manipulating the text of the program Kabballists are capable of changing the reality and the properties of objects existing in it.


The second world model used by the Magicians describes the world as material and is called Physics of Multi-Dimensional Spaces. This model describes the world from a standpoint of someone inside this reality.

In this model, the 22-bit computer turns into a 22-dimensional space, while the 22-character word turns into a 22-dimensional object.

At the same time, people of different castes perceive the world to a different extent. Thus, for the people of castes 1 to 3 the world is 3-dimensional. Magicians of the 1st level have a 4-dimensional perception. Magicians of the 2nd level perceive a 7D world. For Magicians of the 3rd level the world is 9D. Those who have reached the 4th level perceive a 12-dimensional world. This is the maximum for a human consciousness structure. For this reason Magicians of the 4th level transform into a different form in order to obtain higher levels of consciousness and stop being humans, so we shall not be talking about the properties of 5th-level Magicians.

The level of perception not available for the consciousness of people belonging to the first 3 castes is usually called “the spirit world” or the “thin world”.

To get a better idea of what the spirit world is, lets take a look at an example: a flat person lives on a flat plane. This person is a materialist and believes only in the 2D objects of his world. Now lets imagine that a fly is flying over the plane. The flat person doesn’t see the fly and therefore doesn’t believe in its existence. If the fly descends onto his plane, a whole 6 objects (the legs of the fly) will appear simultaneously in the perception area of the person. These objects will be real for the 2D materialist. The fly will be a “spirit” for him, but for a 3-dimensional observer it will be quite an ordinary fly. In the same way, Magicians that perceive the 4D or 7D space can see spirits (n- dimensional objects moving in an n- dimensional space).

Thus, the consciousness of a Magiciane is capable of operating in the multi-dimensional space, which is inaccessible to ordinary humans, and of rewriting the “program” text, thus altering the reality.


In order to speak about the consciousness of Magicians, it is necessary to tell about the Assemblage Point (a term popularized by Carlos Castaneda, however known to Magicians since the times of Atlantis). This is an organ, which all humans have. It lies outside the perception of those with a 3-dimensional consciousness.
Returning to the computer world model, we can say that the Assemblage Point compiles the reality for us out of the information array, according to a certain rule.
The Assemblage Point is also present in crystals (that are alive, or, rather, whole), plants and animals, however only a sensible being (as we understand it) is capable of intentionally operating this organ.
By manipulating the Assemblage Point it is possible to change the dimensionality of the perceived reality, to shift from one program to another or to travel between parallel worlds.
Magicians distinguish several types of Assemblage Point movement (functioning) that include vertical movement (in relation to the human energy cocoon), horizontal movement and movement perpendicularly to the cocoon – inwards or outwards. By the term “energy cocoon” we mean the extent of a body along the dimensions which are beyond the ordinary 3D perception. For example: there is a ball lying on a plane. For a flat person living in a flat world, the ball is just a point (where it touches the plane). Two balls lying on one plane can start interacting at the distance of two radiuses, which would be unclear to the flat person – there is a lot of distance between the two points in his world. In order to explain the “distant” interaction of these two balls the flat person would introduce the concept of “energy fields”.

Magicians say, that the Assemblage Point “compiles” the world. Thus, for any individual the other people and objects are external. As a result of the interaction between all the Assemblage Points of all the people, a general world picture, or program, forms. Magicians call this world picture the Agreement.

Seven vertical areas of possible Assemblage Point fixation (also called Chakras) are distinguished on the human body. These zones correspond to the seven frequency ranges in which the human being exchanges energy with the Planet’s organism. Depending on the caste, this exchange occurs at a higher or lower frequency range (the higher the caste, the more high frequency energy channel is used). The higher is the Chakra used (as a place for Assemblage Point fixation) the higher is the person’s level of consciousness (the number of space dimensions perceived). If the Assemblage point is shifted horizontally, the Agreement, or the principle of compiling the world, changes. In other words, the person shifts to a parallel world.

Modern scientists suppose that reality is the same for any person, however Magicians say that the properties of reality depend upon the position of a person’s Assemblage Point. They also say that people of the 4th caste (Magicians) can control the Agreement, i.e. change the reality with their consciousness.


Previously we said that the Atlanteans managed to create Magicians artificially. The Atlantean machines that were used for this purpose were called “incubators”. And “incubator” is an isolated zone of space (capsule) that disconnects the Assemblage Point of the person inside from the Agreement. Having de-energized the Assemblage Point, the “incubator” created an energy coagulate of a controllable frequency. Having lost its fixation, the Assemblage Point follows the controlled energy coagulate. This makes it possible to change the caste of a person by artificially shifting the Assemblage Point. Also, the “incubator” can serve to shift between worlds by moving the Assemblage Point horizontally.

The Atlanteans managed to create Magicians of the 2nd level. After the collapse of Atlantis and all of its technologies, new methods of accelerating evolution had to be invented. These methods include special techniques of controlling the Assemblage Point and working with energy torrents. Magicians call it “magical practises” or the “Great Doing”. The point of such doing, as opposed to regular methods of doing deeds, is not in gaining an external result, but in earning inner qualities (changing the place of Assemblage Point fixation). Having worked out the method, Magicians created a network of schools on the planet aimed at evolving humankind (in order to increase the society of Magicians).
Over the centuries that passed after the collapse of Atlantis, the Magicians continued their development, passing different levels. By our time, most Magicians of Atlantis have gone beyond the human evolution, finishing their development on the 4th level of Magic. There are only a few Atlanteans left in this world, remaining behind for various reasons, and a big number of apprentices.


There is an important element of the evolution of Magicians, which lies in the secret of transition from one level to another. This element is called “initiation” and it has to do with giving the Assemblage Point enough energy to secure at the next level. Different traditions use various methods of “initiations”, but true initiations differ from profane ones in terms of real energy transfer. Often the “initiated” are given various badges and certificates, but this has absolutely no point in the same way as there is no point in giving a caterpillar a certificate stating that it is a butterfly. Either a caterpillar, or a butterfly, and no diplomas can be of help here.


Magisterium is a Project of Magicians, connected to the Order of the Knowledge Keepers. This Order was created by Magicians after the collapse of the Atlantean civilization.

The goal of the project is to spread the knowledge of the Atlanteans in the modern world and to teach the Magic of Atlantis to those posessing corresponding parameters of consciousness and energy.

Published on: 08.07.2016

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