Max Bruce – My Personal Experience of Studying Magic

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Following our on-line Q&A which took place on the 30th May 2020, I have decided to write an article about my personal experience at the beginning of my journey along the Way of Magic.

I hope that my experience will provide answers to those questions which have not been covered during the live stream and will clarify many moments for those who start practicing Magic.

We deeply appreciate your interest in the Magic. So, you are always free to ask any questions or leave your comments.

I had memories of a few past lives since early childhood.

I remembered clearly my previous life – the city in which I lived and my house. I had memory of my interests, circumstances of death and many other things.

My parents used to tell me that I had ‘dreamt up’ all of this, however the remembrances were so vivid that no-one could convince me that it was a mere dream.

When I heard the word “Magic” for the first time and saw Magicians in mystical films conducting various rituals, a sincere interest towards the Art of Magic awoke inside me. 

It was very hard for me as a child to find any serious books on Magic. However, Destiny often acquainted me with people who had Magical Abilities and gave me books on the subject. 

At that time I regarded this as a mere coincidence.

Much later I learned that the actions which I had undertaken in previous lives had opened for me the possibility to relatively quickly acquire the needed information, find a Teacher and follow the Way of Magicians in this incarnation.

Over time, the amount of available books on Magic and Esoterics increased. 

Unfortunately I could not find the answers to my questions in any of them.

What is the mystery of life and death? What our Purpose here, on Earth? Thinking and seeking answers to these questions was extremely important for me.

Reincarnation was described in books on Oriental spiritual teachings, however Hermeticism and the Western Occult Tradition avoided this topic.

However, many classic Occult books described the existence of some secret occult knowledge with the help of which ancient mages acquired great power. These same books spoke of the existence of the Great Initiates who still possess this knowledge today.

Unfortunately, all available books on the topic of Magic had absolutely nothing that could help acquire the Power and Knowledge of Ancient Mages…

I always hoped that I would find answers in the next book, but no. The miracle did not happen.

I kept getting the impression that a significant part of the ancient Magic knowledge was either lost or unaccessible for modern authors.

I realized, that it is impossible to seriously study Magic without having a Teacher who would not only possess knowledge, but could also demonstrate his power in practice.

However, unfortunately, my attempts to find a true Teacher or School did not bear any fruit over a long period of time.

By the age of 19 I had read almost all available books on Magic, on which I was spending all my money.

At the same time, I finally met my first Teacher.

Despite the fact that I had already considered myself a specialist in Magic, he opened a whole new world for me – the world of real, not book, Magic. The Teacher showed me many new things, structured my knowledge and closed all the blank spots in understanding complicated subjects.

But, most importantly – with the Teacher I started acquiring real experience in Magic which is unaccessible for a solitary Seeker.

Even when I met this Magician for the first time, my Third Eye became active and I started seeing all that he was telling about – the energy cocoons of other people, chakras, assemblage points, energy flows in the surrounding space and the inhabitants of the subtle plane.

I was genuinely happy to meet a True Teacher and commence serious training.

The distance between me and my Teacher was more than 1000km, due to which at first I could only see him once or twice a year. 

After some time my ability to see weakened. I could still see auras and the energy of living and non-living objects, but the ability I had to see the assemblage points, chakras and energy world lines – disappeared. 

I later understood that my subtle vision decreased because the energy, which the Teacher had transferred to me at our first meeting, had run out. 

Pumping the Ajna Chakra with energy and activating the 3rd Eye is something I learned much later….

However, this experience was very valuable and useful for me because it gave undeniable proof that the knowledge which I received from the Teacher is true and valid.

Because it was hard even for me – a person with mystical thinking, a sincere interest in Magic and a large body of esoteric knowledge – to believe in the realty of many things my teacher told me about.

Later the situation repeated itself many times – the most marvelous things which I had heard from my Teacher (and which are not mentioned in books) were confirmed bt my own experience under very different circumstances. 

This is one of the most important differences between Magic and Religion – Religion calls you to believe in everything you read in the holy books, but does not give you any means of confirming the acquired knowledge.

In Magic, everything is checked with your own experience.

During my next meeting with my Teacher – which happened exactly in 1 year – several other events happened which significantly influenced me and my further studying and understanding of Magic.

First, the Teacher described me my previous incarnation. The details of his description were quite consistent with the pictures and memories which I had at the age of 3-5 years…

No one, except me and my parents, knew about these memories…

This had quite a significant impact on me and gave me the understanding of the causes of many events which had happened previously in my life.

On another occasion, the Teacher demonstrated Magicians’ weather control abilities.  

While teaching how to work with the element Air, which allows for managing future events, the Teacher said that he could see something negative approaching the place where we were. ‘But its ok, we will get rid of it…’ – added he and started changing future probabilities. 

It is important to note at this point that the described events were happening at a sea coast. 

When the next day I arrived to the sea shore where my training happened, I saw three huge dark pillars, stretching from the water to the sky a few kilometers off the shore. These were tornadoes, which I had never seen before that day, and was completely unaware of all the dangers associated with them.

Later it turned out that all along the coast a state of emergency had been announced, and those tornadoes were moving precisely towards the place where we were located.

However, having approached the shore by 5-7km, they unexpectedly changed course and reached the shoreline far away from where we were.

Thus, it is possible to say that the impact induced by the Teacher while teaching how to work with element Air, had, without exaggeration, saved our lives…

The above mentioned events happened in 2000-2001 – at the very start of my Magic training. 

The Teacher whom I was telling about, was the first Magician from the Order of the Knowledge Keepers whom I met (you can learn more about this Order from ‘A Brief History of Magic’ – our free introductory film available on our YouTube channel).

Subsequently, while working with prior incarnations, I managed to extract a lot of information on Magic from my memory, as well as the fact that I have been connected to the Order of the Knowledge Keepers for many lives.

As of this writing, it has been 21 years since I started studying…

Since then I have passed along a difficult path – from a seeker of knowledge with no skills to a Magician at the middle of the 2nd Level of Magic.

I can’t say that my training was easy and simple.

However, it has completely changed my life, and today I can’t imagine it without the capabilities that Magic has given me.

Doing Magic, you start constantly influencing reality with your consciousness, you get used to the fact that any event can be changed, directed where you need it to go… This gives you the freedom which ordinary people lack.

For a Magician, loosing this ability is the same as becoming physically paralyzed by an ordinary person, and this is not an exaggeration…


It has been a long while since I received from my Teacher the right to teach my own students and transfer this knowledge to those who feel the need for it.

For almost 15 years I have been doing this only in person.

However, with the evolution of video conference technologies, training has become available for people from all over the world.

Thus, together with Alexander and Jane – who have been learning Magic from both myself and my Teacher for 8 years – we decided to create the international Magisterium Academy.

My hope is that thanks to this project every one, who – just like myself many years ago – is interested in knowledge and seeking for a Teacher, would be able to get access to true training.

Distance is practically irrelevant for Magic Impacts.

I think that everyone who start their training at the Academy will have a chance to see this for themselves. 

P.S. In later essays I will tell more about my further Magical training and experience. Please ask if you have any questions and leave comments freely on our forum.