Major Arcanum XXII (22nd Trump – The Fool)

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Hereinafter we begin publishing some fragments from the ancient Egyptian Sacred Book of Thoth. This book contains Atlantean knowledge concerning the system of Planetary Magic.

It describes the nature of the Universe, as well as the Forces that allow a human being to achieve power over reality.

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[Beginning of fragment.]
“The energy of the 22 Arcanum is associated with the state of consciousness which is usually referred to as foolishness. Foolishness means doing things using the trial-and-error method without having any long-term plan in mind. Having such a plan means knowing at least the general laws of the Universe.

However, if the world is considered unconceivable and unknown, there is only the trial-and-error method left.

The energies of this Arcanum allow to practice controlled or conscious folly – such a behavior, when we deliberately limit our competence within a limited space or time interval which is well-known to us. At the same time we build a short-term plan and we act according to it over a short period of time, without asking global questions like «How does the world function?» or «What’s my place in it?».

Such a behavior gives a lot of benefits if you have to adapt to new conditions. This energy increases a person’s ability to learn by many times.”
[End of fragment.]