Magicians’ Observations of the Covid-19 disease

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Disclaimer: This article was written for information purposes only. It does not contain any medical advice and cannot be used as a guide for treating any kind of disease. Please follow the precautions and preventive measures as advised by your country’s government and medical staff.

Over the past two months, we have been monitoring the spread of the Covid-19 virus across the world and taking certain steps to weaken its aggressiveness and to bring about a speedy end to the epidemic.

In this short article we publish some data on the effect of the virus on human energy.

The nature of viruses has been well studied by the scientists of ancient civilizations.

1 – All viruses of the same type are copies of each other, and therefore form a collective consciousness, which in Magic is called an Egregore.

2 – Coronovirus is a pulmonary infection that affects the energy of humans at the frequency of the Vishuddha chakra.

3 – On the subtle plane, The Egregore of the virus looks like a large dark structure that exists at the frequencies of Manipura – Vishuddha chakras.

4 – All people who have contracted the virus are connected to this structure, which penetrates them at the frequency of the Vishuddha chakra and affects their lungs and their silver cord at that level.

5 – The virus infects people who have a weakened immunity and a small amount of energy in their etheric and astral bodies.

6 – In case of a silver cord lesion and rupture, the affected person dies.

7 – There are several methods of protection and prevention that people can use (depending on their capabilities and energy skills).

7.1 Actions for ordinary people:

Engage in healing styles of qigong and other bioenergetic practices – this increases the amount of energy in the etheric and astral bodies, which leads to increased immunity and protective properties of the body.

Add ginger root to tea and other drinks – this enhances local immunity in the upper respiratory tract.

7.2 Actions for Adepts practicing Magic:

Work daily on filling the body with 17th Arcanum energy (Life Energy) in order to strengthen and restore immunity.

Strengthen your Silver Cord with the energy of the 15th Arcanum in order to enhance the vitality and stability of the body against any negative factors.

In case of covid-19 symptoms – clean the lungs and the upper respiratory tract with high-frequency energy of the blue range in order to destroy the viruses that have entered the body.

Additionally, we should describe the Actions which are undertaken by the Order of the Knowledge Keepers and the Magisterium Team on a regular basis.

1. Applying the same measures to protect our own bodies.

2. Using the energy of the 13th Arcanum to destroy and weaken the Egregore of the virus.

3. Strengthening the immunity of all people living within the Order’s territories through tuning into Places of Power.

4. Replicating the virus antibodies from those who have recovered in order to form a collective defense of the entire society.

Last action explanation: 

In the bodies of those who have been ill and recovered, there are Antibodies to this virus. Antibodies can be considered programs – a certain amount of information that is present in the patient’s body. This experience of recovered people can be copied and integrated in order to protect the entire society from a  further spread of the disease.

Magisterium Academy Team

* Note: The Silver Cord is an energy structure located along the human spine. The silver cord holds one’s monad to their physical body. The life span of a person depends on the amount of energy in the Silver Cord. With the destruction of the Silver Cord, death occurs.

Mages who can work with the energy of the 15th Arcanum have the ability to strengthen and repair damaged Silver Cords, thereby prolonging people’s life and protecting them from premature death.