Magic and the Occult Legend

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The Occult legend tells us that an advanced civilization once existed on the Earth, known today as Atlantis. This civilization perished as a result of a global catastrophe which happened on the Earth around 65 000 years ago.

Atlantis barely left any traces behind, but there are reasons why the knowledge of this civilization didn’t die together with it and continues existing today.

This article deals with the civilization of Atlantis, its scientific achievements and the successors of its knowledge.

Before it died, the civilization of Atlantis had been existing on the Earth for more than 100 000 years and had reached a level of development which is ahead of that of the modern humanity by approximately 5-7 thousand years.

One of the main achievements of Atlantic science was biotechnology. Modern scientists are just taking the first steps in that direction by doing bioengineering, cloning and trying to acquire stem cells for using in medicine and other sphere of human activity.

The scientists of Atlantis achieved extraordinary results in biotechnology, and one of their main achievements was the obtaining of the so-called «quasi-cell». The quasi-cell was an all-purpose living tissue, which the Atlanteans could program to obtain organisms with any desired qualities.

Thanks to this invention, Atlantis switched its civilization type from an «iron civilization», the industry of which uses mineral resources, to a bio-technological type, which uses living tissues in all its technologies.

Because of the quasi-cell, everything the Atlanteans used was living. They created living houses, living clothes, living space ships and many other things.

Through the use of biotechnology, the civilization of Atlantis managed to explore the far space, founded colonies in other star systems and became a member of the interstellar community of developed civilizations in our part of the galaxy.

Having reached the heights in biotechnology, the scientists of Atlantis drew their eyes to the enhancement of the human species. It is known, that any biological species evolves over millions of years, gaining new qualities and properties on the process. For example, modern elephants are the distant descendants of mammoths, and modern crocodiles are the result of the evolution of one of the dinosaur species.

Humankind is also evolving and changing as a biological species. It is known that the human brain uses only a small part of its capacity. It is possible that over millions of years humanity will obtain new features, and those paranormal abilities, which are now available to just a few people, will be available to everyone.

The scientists of Atlantis decided to accelerate the evolution of the human species in order to investigate the features which it gains at the end of the evolution process.

To do this, the Atlanteans built special devices, known as Incubators or Evolution Capsules.

A person placed into such a Capsule passed accelerated evolution, which under normal circumstances would have taken millions of years.

As a result of this experiment, the Atlanteans managed to obtain a number of «Perfect Humans» or «Magicians», who having passed the procedure of accelerated evolution, attained absolutely new features of both body and mind.

First of all, these people recollected their previous lives.

It turned out that the consciousness of every human is an energy-information structure, which doesn’t get destroyed after the death of the physical body, but continues its existence and after some times enters a new physical shell – the body of a newborn child.

This way the scientists of Atlantis discovered the phenomenon of reincarnation.

Second, the perception of the Magicians became opened to seeing the multi-dimensional space or the «thin world», which is not available to the perception of ordinary people. In the multi-dimensional space they started seeing the consciousnesses of people being in the state between death and a new birth, creatures of non-human nature and many other objects hidden from the perception of ordinary people.

Also it became clear that the Magicians had acquired the ability to affect the reality with their mind.

But the main ability of the Magicians or «Perfect People» turned out to be the ability to restore their consciousness in every new incarnation.

While every regular human does not remember his/her previous lives and is forced to start every new life from scratch, it turned out that a Magician recollects his/her previous lives in every new life by the age of 3-5 years and also restores his/her previous personality. Thus, Magicians became immortal beings, for whom death is the same thing as sleep for a regular person. Just in the same way as a person, having awoken from sleep, does not forget who he/she was and what he/she was doing before falling asleep, the Magicians remember their previous lives and retain all their knowledge in every new incarnation. Thus, every new life for them is a continuation of the previous one.

Over the time period when Atlantis existed, approximately 100 000 Magicians were created. They were scientists, who proceeded to creating the science which included knowledge about the evolution of the human consciousness, knowledge of the properties of reality, and knowledge of controlling reality with the use of human consciousness. In the times after the destruction of Atlantis, this science became known as Magic.

Around 65 000 years ago the civilization of Atlantis perished as a result of a global cataclysm known in legends as the Great Flood.

As a result of this catastrophe the most part of the Earth’s population died, while the survivors, having lost the production base and access to technology, very quickly turned wild and the overall level of development rolled back to the Stone Age level.

At the sam time the Magicians of Atlantis started reincarnating among the representatives of the savage humankind. Possessing developed psychic abilities and the knowledge of perished Atlantis, they started taking attempts at restoring the previous level of humankind development.

In various parts of the world Atlanteans created new empires and founded civilizations.

It is known that the Inca empire was ruled by a white dynasty of godly descent. White Incas did not mix with the local population, transferring power within the family. The chronicles of Ancient Egypt that survived to our days tell that long before the first pharaohs Egypt was being ruled by Gods. Those same chronicles describe in detail in what sequence and for how long each God ruled the country.

Very similar information can be found in the oldest legends from various parts of the world – all of them tell that at the dawn of the modern civilizations the people were ruled by Gods, who taught them different crafts and handed them their knowledge.

After the catastrophe that had destroyed Atlantis, a few Atlantean machine storages remained. The Magicians sought to locate such storages in order to obtain the remaining machines and tools.

From time to time, ordinary people discovered these secret storages by accident, giving birth to legends such as that of Ali Baba.

Over the centuries following the collapse of Atlantis, people have been hunting objects with special properties. Such objects could give people strength, power and youth. Legends of miraculous weapons, flying carpets, invisibility cloaks, magic rings and talismans didn’t appear out of nowhere.

Together with the devices, which people managed to lay their hands on, other objects have preserved too. A few large machines that survived the Great Flood, are still functioning today. Their influence explains the fact that there are zones on the Planet with some very strange properties of space (the Bermuda triangle, the Devil’s sea, Tibet etc.). Many material evidence of the perished civilizations is hidden beneath the permafrost layers and ice of the Antarctic, other findings are waiting for archaeologists on the ocean beds.

Moreover, having developed in the deep past the ability to shift to parallel worlds, the Magicians have created a big number of trans-space channels. These channels were usually marked by gate-like constructions: Stonehenge, The Sun Gates etc. Ancient pyramids, such as the stepped pyramids of America and the Great Pyramid of Egypt are part of ancient engineering complexes direct different processes on the Earth.

After the Flood the surviving Magicians were trying to restore control over the Planet as fast as possible. To do this, Temples were built. The Atlanteans had a whole system of constructions designed to control the state of the Planet’s biosphere. It consisted of special buildings, built on the places where important energy torrents pass. They served for managing the planet’s biosphere. Every Temple was built by the Atlanteans using special technology that allowed to control a large territory around that Temple.

This is where the altar comes from – it is the zone, where the energy channel is passing, or, using today’s religious language, the Angel of the Temple. All the temples and rituals of later religions are elements of ancient technology passed from generation to generation.

The priests of Ancient Egypt retained the knowledge of the Atlanteans in the most complete form. Their secret caches of their temples contained manuscripts and Atlantean machines. The Egyptians acquired in their hands the Atlantean knowledge of commanding reality, known in Atlantis as Planetary Magic.

This knowledge was expressed by the Egyptians in a book known in later times as «The Sacred Book of Thoth».

This book was written using the Temple Hieroglyphic Writing. Hieroglyphs used in this type of writing are pictograms, the meaning of which is understood only by the Initiated.

For a regular person without the knowledge of the «keys», a text written in the Temple Writing is just a picture without any inner meaning.

The Sacred Book of Thoth contained 78 pages. Each page of this Book described the Forces which allow for commanding Reality.

The Sacred Book of Thoth became the foundation for creating the magical Tarot cards.

During the times following the decline of the Egyptian civilization, there were many attempts to reproduce the Tarot deck.

According to the legends of Magicians there are 78 golden tablets bearing the exact depictions of the cards, or Tarot Arcana. According to the legend they are still in the underground vaults beneath the Pyramid Complex of Giza today.

In the 1990-s Japanese scientists used the location method and found some cavities beneath the Khufu Pyramid. Long before the Japanese researchers occult literature has been describing halls located beneath the Pyramid which were used for the procedure of initiating priests.  According to the legends the golden tablets are in one of these halls.

The value of the Tarot cards is in the fact that they carry ancient knowledge, written down with the use of symbols. Also, each card is a talisman of great strength. Over the past 100 years various artists and occultists have been attempting to reproduce the Tarot. In most cases these attempts do not render results, since the creator must reproduce the canonic «text» of the cards exactly.

Published on: 21.06.2016

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