Magic and the Kundalini Energy

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1. The Perfect Human

The main idea of Magic is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness.

While going through Magic Practices, an Adept’s consciousness passes through a sequence of changes that lead to the appearance of Siddhas – transcendental, magical abilities. The consciousness starts functioning in a High Frequency mode, which requires the physical body to transform itself in order to comply with the new consciousness properties. 

How long would an old car last if you equipped it with a rocket engine? Being unfit for rapid acceleration, rather than fly into the sky the old car would burn or fall apart.

In a similar fashion, at a certain stage of training, a Magician’s body should be adapted to the new mode of consciousness functioning.

Knowing this, Ancient Magicians developed the technology of transforming the physical body and adapting it to the High Frequency modes of Magical Work.

This technology is based on the idea that humanity evolves as a biological species.

Modern scientists know that all biological species on Earth evolve.

For example, mammoths from hundreds of thousands of years ago looked completely different from the modern representatives of this biological species – elephants. Over the millennia, this biological species has passed a long evolutionary path, during which it acquired new properties and qualities.

The same thing is happening to Humanity.

Throughout the existence of Mankind as a biological species, there has been evolution – a constant transformation of its parameters.

This means that people who live today are different from those who lived, say, in the 10th century AD, and even more different than those who lived in the 1st century AD.

There are significant differences between people who lived at different times, and these differences are associated with the fact that Mankind is evolving as a species.

It can be assumed that over the course of the Planet’s existence, the Human biological Species changes from some initial “A” form into some final “B” form.

The “A” form, which can be called “The Imperfect Human”, eventually grows into the “B” form, which can be called “The Perfect Human” or Buddha (The Enlightened Human).

In its final form of evolution (“The Perfect Human”) humanity will possess some completely new characteristics in comparison to the original humanity (“The Imperfect Human”).

All parameters of the human body at the current stage of evolution are recorded in the egregore of the human biological species, which in Magic is called Adam Kadmon or the Great Human.

Each human has seven chakras, and each chakra generates one of the seven bodies.

The physical body is formed by the vibrations and energy of the lowest-frequency Muladhara chakra, the projection of which is located in the sacrum, at the base of the spine.

After the conception of a child, when the embryo begins to form, the egregore of humanity, Adam Kadmon, is projected into it, setting the parameters of the future organism.

At the same time, the incarnating monad is projected into the developing fetus.

This monad carries with it some individual changes and certain personal experience that had been accumulated in past incarnations.

The combination of these changes, acquired by the monad during previous lives, is usually called Karma.

Karma distorts the primary bodily information which comes from the egregore. As a result of this distortion process, each child is born with their own individual body characteristics and sometimes carries congenital diseases.

Our bodies are assembled according to a multidimensional matrix – a certain scheme. This scheme is our genetic information, and it is recorded in the DNA molecule that exists in every cell of our body.

Since a biological species evolves, the DNA molecule containing the scheme of the next evolutionary step must be forming somewhere.

However, a biological species does not exist separately from the creatures that make it up.

This means that the DNA molecule containing the blueprint of the Future Human or the Perfect Human is present in the humans themselves.

If a biological species changes, evolves, then it must have a certain action plan – a blueprint for changes. And this new scheme should be in every human, because the species does not exist in the abstract, but consists of individual humans.

This means that in every person there must be a DNA molecule containing the blueprint for this future Perfect Human.

Since we are connected to Adam Kadmon through the Muladhara chakra, it is logical to assume that it is in this area that the scheme of the Perfect Human is located.

The Muladhara chakra’s projection zone is the sacrum – an area that is heavily protected from any external influences by bone tissue. It is in this zone, in the sacrum, that the DNA molecule of the Future Human – the Perfect Human Being – is located.

2. The Mechanism of Human Change

There is a special technology for breaking this “vault” which stores the Future Human DNA molecule, for extracting this “secret scheme” and transferring it to the “factory” which is responsible for transforming the human body.

The human body transformation factory is the hormonal system. Each person’s body is formed largely by their hormonal system. How you look like and what you are physically depends on how your hormonal glands function.

Some changes in the functioning of the hormonal glands lead to changes in the human body.

For example, the growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and, accordingly, your height depends on the functioning of this gland. And if your pituitary gland suddenly started  working and producing this hormone, you would start growing.

The growth hormone is formed in the pituitary gland under the influence of the thymus gland. In humans, the thymus gland is located in the sternum and is active in children, but with age it atrophies and disappears.

This means that if it did not atrophy and disappear, we would be growing throughout our entire lives.

There is a number of diseases associated with malfunctions of the hormonal system.

For example, the so-called Grave’s disease is associated with a malfunction in the thyroid gland, which causes changes in the eyes – they start gaping, enlarging and crawling out of their orbits. This failure is due to the fact that the body turns on a mechanism which is supposed to transform it into an amphibian.

A human can transform into an amphibian that is capable of living underwater. Such an amphibian would have flippers (formed by enlarged inter-finger membranes), the skin would transform into scales and the eyes would change their structure because you need a different type of vision underwater.

This is an example of a glitch in the hormonal system. But there are also other examples.

There is a disease called acromegaly which has to do with glitches in the production of pituitary gland hormones. This disease is characterized by the patient’s limbs growing out of proportion and becoming of unusual lengths.

So to summarize, the hormonal system is responsible for the physical body. And if the hormonal system starts altering its function modes, a fully grown adult can start changing physically.

However, there is a gland in the hormonal system, the function of which is completely unknown to modern science. 

This has to do with the fact that endocrinology studies glands and their functionality only based on the statistics of various diseases and injuries. Endocrinologists know, that if for example the amount of a certain gland’s hormone increases, then certain changes take place in the body… And if you cut this gland out completely, then something else happens… 

Thus, endocrinologists study the functions of various hormonal glands based on medical statistics.

As mentioned above, there is one gland, the function of which is totally not understood by modern medical science. This is the pineal gland – located close to the pituitary gland in the brain.

Its function is unknown because when it is removed, it sometimes leads to no lesions at all, and sometimes leads to various lesions, and there are no statistically significant relations.

Magicians know, however, that the pineal gland has to do with mutation, with transforming the body. And it is the pineal gland which, when activated, gives the command to transform the human from one species into another.

3. Activating the Kundalini

Ancient Magical Traditions contain a technology for activating the DNA molecule which contains the scheme of the Future Human. 

This technology is commonly known as Activating the Kundalini Energy. 

In essence, this technology activates the mechanism of reading the DNA molecule that is stored in the scrotum and contains the scheme of the future human. 

When the information in this DNA molecule is read, it is transformed into an energy-informational signal which starts rising along the spinal energy channel and into the brain. This energy signal enters the pineal gland (Sahasrara Chakra) and activates it.

As a result, the process of transforming a human into a superior being – into the Perfect Human or Future Human – is launched.

At a certain point of a Magician’s development, the work on activating the Kundalini Energy becomes obligatory. 

The human body contains natural protection mechanisms which are aimed against accidental Kundalini activation – which might occur as a result of certain injuries or impacts to the scrotum area.

This protections mechanism includes several blockages (or nodules) which are located in the spinal energy channel. These blockages keep this energy and information from getting up into the brain prematurely.

Thus, the process of working with the Kundalini Energy can be divided into several stages. 

The first stage is activating the process of reading the information.
The second stage is the opening of blockages and safety valves.
The third process happens at the top – in the pineal gland zone – and is the process of transforming the human.

Such a transformation from an Ordinary Human into a Perfect Human takes several years.

For this reason, when Adepts reach the 2nd Level of Magic, they try to launch this process within themselves. They try to take the Kundalini Energy under control so that the body can adapt by the time the consciousness enters the High-Frequency mode. 

The Hindu tradition describes the Kundalini Energy as a Snake sleeping at the foundation of the spine, coiled 2.5 times (symbolizing the DNA molecule). 

The Tibetan Tradition tells of a Mystical Fire sleeping at the foundation of the spine in the Muladhara chakra.

The Chinese Magical Tradition (Taoist Alchemy) knows of the Ling Qi energy: the one who can make it move in the spinal channel can achieve immortality. 

The Caduceus – the Wand of Hermes Trismegistus  – is a sign that at some point this practice had also existed in the Western Magical Tradition: the Wand is entwined by two Snakes (symbolizing Sushumna – the spinal channel, and two side channels – Ida and Pingala). 

Thus, working with the Kundalini Energy is present in ALL magical traditions, whose Adepts reach high levels of development. 

However, not all Schools and Traditions have retained the entire knowledge of this technology, as well as the associated safety precautions and usage methods.

In our time, we have received knowledge of the Kundalini Activation technology from our teachers, have gone through all the stages of working with it ourselves and can, in turn, transfer this knowledge to our students. 

At the Magisterium Academy of Magic, working with the Kundalini Energy will take place at the 5th Level of training – when a core number of students has been formed, for whom this work would have become relevant and necessary.

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