If you think that a Magician’s morning starts with a banishing ritual, you are wrong

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If you think that a Magician’s morning starts with a banishing ritual, you are wrong.

For a practicing Magician, most mornings start with reading messages like this one:

Thank you so much Max!! They managed to stabilize the cardio rhythm at the hospital, but the real turn towards recovery happened only after you work. I am so grateful, it is very evident, even mother’s mental state and perception have changed, if not for you, she would have died!
Thank you so much!!!!!


But this is preceded by years of training, trial and complicated work on oneself…

Nonetheless, all the hardships of learning recoup themselves multiple times when you get the possibility to manage your Destiny, the ability to help your close ones and those who need it.

Studying and Practicing Magic means developing yourself, your soul, awakening your consciousness’s dormant capabilities.

We always say – studying Magic demands serious efforts, time and means.

But remember, that while studying and practicing Magic – you are investing into yourself, developing the abilities that will stay with you literally forever: in this and in subsequent lives.

These abilities do no depend on the stability of a state or economy.

Unlike the trinkets normally chased by people, magic abilities, once developed, will stay with you forever and will not leave you in difficult times.

Practicing Magic is not conducting banishing rituals every morning.

Practicing Magic is acquiring Wisdom and Power, it is managing reality, it is the ability to change any situation in life, it is the ability to help yourself and others even in a situation that seems hopeless.

This is what we teach at the Magisterium Academy, this is the path we follow ourselves and along which we lead our Students…

Max Bruce,
The Magisterium Academy

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