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Introduction to Magic Science

Free Introductory Online Video-Course (7 lessons)


You have been seeking ancient magical knowledge all your life, Studied different occult and esoteric traditions, tried various practises, listened to many teachers, But always felt that there was something more, something deeper, something you have always known to be there, carefully hidden behind an invisible veil, something that could answer all your questions and show you the direction you have always wanted to follow but never knew how?

There is a good chance that you have just found what you have been searching for all these years.

But, as with everything in Magic, nothing should be taken for granted, and everything should be checked through experience – which is why we offer you to take our free introductory course.

This course is called “Introduction to Atlantean Magic” and contains 7 videos which introduce you to the subject and answer most of the questions you might have about what true magic is and how to study it.


The 7 Lessons:

Lesson 1 – The Short Path

Are magical abilities a gift from the Higher Powers, a genetic predisposition or something else? What is their nature? Can an ordinary person develop magical abilities? If yes, how does one do it? And what is the true meaning of consciousness evolution?

Lesson 2 – The Assemblage Point

This lesson gives an overview of the multidimensional space and subtle planes, and explains how the energy of a human being changes over the course of spiritual development.

Lesson 3 – Ritual Magic

What Powers do Magicians use in order to change reality? What is Planetary Magic? What was the initial meaning of the Tarot cards? What are Magic Rituals and how do they work? What super-abilities do Magicians possess?

Lesson 4 – The Major Arcana

This lesson provides a brief description of the initial meanings of the 22 Major Arcana (Tarot Trumps) – the secret chapters of the Holy Book of Thoth – and of the hidden powers hiding within the common Tarot deck.

Lesson 5 – Magic Artifacts

What are the main types of Magic Artifacts – amulets, talismans and Magic Machines? What effect can they have on reality? What principles do they utilize in order to operate? How do Magicians create and use them?

Lesson 6 – The Mystery of Initiation

Immortality – the greatest Mystery of Magic Rituals, that has been relevant at all times. In this lesson we will tell you about the main concepts that allow for acquiring immortality.

Lesson 7 – The Magisterium Academy of Magic

In this lesson we provide information about our Academy, our teaching methods, curriculum, enrollment and expected results.