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Visit the parallel world using Magick?

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Greetings wonderful people!

First of all, it is nice to meet you all, this is my first time here and I hope to learn new things with a guidance from here ><
I have introduced myself in the "Welcome!" thread. As I said, I found this forum through someone on a wizardforums.com named "Mage"
What got me very interested with this site was actually his post in this thread http://wizardforums.com/Thread-Magical-Results-What-Have-You-Accomplished?page=20&highlight=magisterium
He said that he went to a parralel world via "The 10th arcanum", I'm really intrigued by this.. Is it a magickal system or something else? I'd love to know more about it. Seems like you can even warp reality with this arcanum! I found this amazing as I do believe in parallel worlds (even other universe.... hmm, I plan to try conjuration soon and decided to conjure a being from another universe xD) and warping reality have been my dream for long hehe ^^ Anyway, by going to a parallel world do you guys think it's possible to do it physically or just astrally via OOBE/APE? As far as I know, in the astral you can go anywhere even the past and future so to a parallel world I believe would be possible too. But physically... Well in my country there were rare cases where some people go missing for days and suddenly appeared somewhere else in an unknown way, even someone told me his/her aunt got 'kidnapped' to another realm then when she came back, she suddenly became able to heal people! So I also believe it's possible too to go to another worlds, even parallel worlds, physically. But what do you think? I'd love to have some insights and enlightenment hehe :D 
Sorry for my bad english though T_T Many blessings!

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