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Magisterium - International Academy of Magic & Esoteric Knowledge
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Magisterium Academy - General Info

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General info on Magisterium - the International Academy of Magic & Esoteric Knowledge

We are a group of Mages connected to the Knowledge Keepers - a Magical Order that was formed after the collapse of Atlantis.

Our main activities of interest are:

  • Investigating and recreating the Magickal technologies of advanced ancient civilizations;
  • Researching the technologies of Initiation;
  • Creating Magickal machines and instruments;
  • Building hyper-space portals;
  • Teaching Magick.

We have undertaken many expeditions to various parts of the world in order to search for and investigate different Places of Power, constructions and machines surviving from the time of ancient civilizations.

At the moment we have accumulated significant knowledge and experience with regard to this matter.

Magic Training

We have been teaching Magick privately to a limited circle of strictly chosen persons over the past 12 years. This year we have decided to make our knowledge of Magick accessible to students from all around the world.

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Wow, I'm from south east asia. I'd love to access some of the knowledge one day, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity <3

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