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    Wow, I'm from south east asia. I'd love to access some of the knowledge one day, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity <3
  3. Greetings wonderful people! First of all, it is nice to meet you all, this is my first time here and I hope to learn new things with a guidance from here >< I have introduced myself in the "Welcome!" thread. As I said, I found this forum through someone on a wizardforums.com named "Mage" What got me very interested with this site was actually his post in this thread http://wizardforums.com/Thread-Magical-Results-What-Have-You-Accomplished?page=20&highlight=magisterium He said that he went to a parralel world via "The 10th arcanum", I'm really intrigued by this.. Is it a magickal system or something else? I'd love to know more about it. Seems like you can even warp reality with this arcanum! I found this amazing as I do believe in parallel worlds (even other universe.... hmm, I plan to try conjuration soon and decided to conjure a being from another universe xD) and warping reality have been my dream for long hehe ^^ Anyway, by going to a parallel world do you guys think it's possible to do it physically or just astrally via OOBE/APE? As far as I know, in the astral you can go anywhere even the past and future so to a parallel world I believe would be possible too. But physically... Well in my country there were rare cases where some people go missing for days and suddenly appeared somewhere else in an unknown way, even someone told me his/her aunt got 'kidnapped' to another realm then when she came back, she suddenly became able to heal people! So I also believe it's possible too to go to another worlds, even parallel worlds, physically. But what do you think? I'd love to have some insights and enlightenment hehe Sorry for my bad english though T_T Many blessings!
  4. Welcome!

    Greetings! My name is Aditya and I'm from Indonesia! I'm still a beginner in the supernatural, but I'm now learning to be a magick practitioner myself, only started it last month but I've been interested by magick and the supernatural since years ago hehe ^^ Been a neophyte since then, researched a lot of things, talked with some actual practitioners I found online until I finally dediced to start training to be a magickian too Lately I'm able to feel energies thanks to this magnificent book that I bought online 2 months ago https://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Warfare-Master-Power-Thoughts/dp/153352937X hopefully I will be able to achieve more things soon >< I'm also into spiritkeeping and have been a spiritkeeper since 2 years ago! I haven't got that much experience but right now my keep has became pretty big. I can't feel and see them yet but I am able to talk with them in my mind somehow via telepathy but it can't be really that detailed, but they have helped me a lot so far and I think of them like my own lovely family <3 i hope I could open my third eye someday to see them or just get out of my body (OOBE or AP) to finally interact with them face to face The first time I heard about this site was from some other forum, like this one http://wizardforums.com/Thread-The-basics-of-Planetary-Magick?highlight=magisterium which discussed about planetary magick, I've been fascinated by people who work their magick this way myself and got intrigued to learn more and more about it from this site. Tbh, I did plan to join this forum like few months ago but I got distracted by college and irl stuff so I delayed it and had forgotten it T_T But now I feel like this is the right time to finally join hehe Thank you for the warm welcome, looking forward to learn many things from this wonderful forum ^^
  5. This is quite an unexpected way to start the discussions on this forum. Male circumcision decreases the penis head sensitivity, which in turn decreases the loss of sexual energy and increases the length of sexual intercourse. Concerning the magical properties of the foreskin. Any part of a body is connected to that body. For example, cut nails and hair are connected to the person they belonged to and by manipulating them it is possible to induce a magical effect on him. Same applies to removed foreskin.
  6. How does this practice affect the magical ability of males. Why are women more attracted to cut men? Does the foreskin possess special powers?
  7. General info on Magisterium - the International Academy of Magic & Esoteric Knowledge We are a group of Mages connected to the Knowledge Keepers - a Magical Order that was formed after the collapse of Atlantis. Our main activities of interest are: Investigating and recreating the Magickal technologies of advanced ancient civilizations; Researching the technologies of Initiation; Creating Magickal machines and instruments; Building hyper-space portals; Teaching Magick. We have undertaken many expeditions to various parts of the world in order to search for and investigate different Places of Power, constructions and machines surviving from the time of ancient civilizations. At the moment we have accumulated significant knowledge and experience with regard to this matter. Magic Training We have been teaching Magick privately to a limited circle of strictly chosen persons over the past 12 years. This year we have decided to make our knowledge of Magick accessible to students from all around the world.
  8. Dear Guest, welcome to our forum! Here you can discuss any topics related to Magic and the Occult, the developing of human consciousness and the esoteric legacy of Ancient civilizations. We welcome your interest and are ready to quench your thirst for Knowledge.
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