XV Major Arcanum (15 Trump - The Devil)

This energy serves as an anchor that fixes a person in the 3-dimensional world.

It has to do with wealth, matter, longevity and sex.

Also can be used for telekinesis, healing and materialization.

Meaning of the Arcanum

This energy serves as an anchor that fixes a person in the 3-dimensional world. This energy forms a structure that resembles a silver thread, that is fixed in a given point of space. This energy attaches the person to the given point in space that has three coordinates: length, width and height. Couples conduct this energy when during a sexual act they form a ray that captures and brings a loose soul into the physical world. A person is held within the physical world throughout his/her life by this energy, which starts to pour out of him/her from the moment of birth. When the structure of the silver thread is broken, the person dies.

Angel of the Arcanum

The Angel of this Arcanum is a creature that resembles both a human being and an animal. His body is covered with fur, horns grow on his head, his legs end with hoofs. He has the wings of a bat and unites in himself all that is alive, existing, fixed and expressed in this world. 

Effect of the Arcanum on the Body

This energy determines the life span of the body. When energy expires, death happens immediately. This energy is concentrated in the Muladhara-Chakra area. This energy provides for survivability in various situations. The ability of a person to survive after an illness or trauma has to do with this energy. 

Effect of the Arcanum on Situations

This energy helps one to keep different objects. This is the energy that is about owning something. The more a person has of this energy, the more things he can possess. The ability of a person to make something his own i determined by the amount of this energy. 

Siddha of the Arcanum

The siddha, or high ability lended to a person by the energy of this Arcanum, is increased survivability, the ability to survive in various, most difficult situations and the ability to accumulate wealth. This Arcanum gives longevity and Wealth. 

Time of the Arcanum

The energy of this Arcanum is at its strongest at Night and increases towards the Full Moon. This energy is stronger in the Forest, rather than in the city. The strength of this Arcanum increases in Summer and decreases during Winter. 

Using the Energy of this Arcanum

The energy of this Arcanum is used for telekinesis, teleportation, overcoming infertility and gaining Wealth.


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