XIII Major Arcanum (13 Trump - Death)

This is the energy of destruction, that halts time and stops any proccess.

Can be used for both harm and healing.

All the art of Necromancy (working with the Dead) is based upon this Arcanum.

Meaning of the Arcanum

This energy brings Death. The organism, at which this energy is directed, dies. This energy neutralizes the Life energy of objects and rips their Silver Thread. This energy is irresistible. This energy is merciless. This energy strikes to Death. 

Angel of the Arcanum

The Angel of this Arcanum is Death. If the form of a skeleton with a scythe, clad in black armour, it sits on a White horse. In the right hand Death holds a Scythe with a broad shining sharp blade turned downwards. The horse is covered in a funeral cloth and a red saddle. Behind the Death’s back there is a Black Cloak with golden stars on it. 

Effect of the Arcanum on the Body

This energy nulls all organs and systems in the body. All vitally important systems are de-energized. This energy affects all types and classes of living organisms. Using this energy it is possible to kill tumors and foci of infections that have intruded the body. This energy can be seen in the aura of living things as black or grey aura, sometimes resembling smoke that consists of small black particles. Getting into the aura of organisms, this energy destroys its luminosity and extinguishes the aura. 

Effect of the Arcanum on Situations

This energy is capable of freezing and killing any situation. All objects loose their dynamics. People loose interest to this situation. All the participants become depressed. The situation stops and neutralizes itself. This energy kills the development of situations.

Siddha of the Arcanum

The high ability of this Arcanum is the ability to kill with one’s consciousness. When you conduct the energy of this Arcanum, cosmic Cold passes through you and can extinguish the spark of somebody’s life. The same energy can put out the small fire of any situation. 

Time of the Arcanum

This energy increases towards the night and with the growth of the Moon in the sky. Also, this energy is stronger on cemeteries and battle scenes. 

Using the Energy of the Arcanum

The energy of this Arcanum is used to null any external energies. Using this energy one can stop both one’s own life and the life of others.


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