The True Meaning Of Primary Magickal Elements

The idea of Elements or Primary Principles is part of Planetary Magick. Modern scientists mocked at naive ancient Mages who assumed that the Universe and the Human being consist of 4 elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air. However, these ancient Mages had such power, might and knowledge that today's scientists can't even dream of.

The above mentioned four Primary Principles in fact mean four parameters of reality which are close to the aggregation states of matter in modern physics.

In Magick, the element Fire means energy and corresponds to the plasmic state of matter.

The element Earth means information and matter. It corresponds to the solid state of matter.

The element Water means time and corresponds to the liquid state of matter.

The element Air means future and multi-probability. It corresponds to the gaseous state of matter.

Besides the four mentioned elements there is a Fifth Element in Magick, called Aether or Life.

The fifth element Aether is a combination of the first four elements and it means Life. It corresponds to the idea of life and living matter.

The back side of the element Life is the element Death. Death is the back side of Life. When the amount of Life decreases in a living body, the amount of Death increases. The opposite is also true. This sixth element corresponds to the idea of dead (non-living) matter.


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