In the previous part of this article we stated that our reality is formed by the 22 energy channels or, rather, Forces. These energy torrents are shown on the Scheme of Planetary Consciousness, which is known as the Tree of Sephiroth.

Planetary Magick is the knowledge of Atlanteans, which how to gain access to controlling reality through working with these Forces.

This knowledge was recorded by the ancient Egyptians into the Sacred Book of Thoth, which has survived to this day in the form of Tarot Cards.

Each card in the Tarot deck is called and Arcanum (Trumps or Suits). The word 'Arcanum" itself is Latin and means “secret” – which has to do with the fact that every Tarot Card contains secret Atlantean knowledge about the world.

The Tarot Deck consists of 22 Major Arcana (Trumps) and 56 Minor Arcana (Suits), i.e. the number of Major Arcana (Trumps) is the same as the number of channels on the Tree of Sephiroth.

Each of the 22 Major Arcana Cards (22 Tarot Trumps) contains instructions on how to gain access to one of the Forces that give control over reality.

These Forces can be divided into 3 levels according to their potency:

  • 22 – 18 Arcana (22 – 18 Trumps) – Minor Forces;
  • 17 – 10 Arcana (17 -10 Trumps) – Major Forces;
  • 9 – 1 Arcana (9 – 1 Trumps) – Great Forces.

Here we shall describe the nature of these Forces, access to which is described in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and the Powers a Mage can gain while working with them.

The Minor Forces

The Minor Forces allow for controlling various aspects of human life.

22nd Arcanum (22nd Trump - The Fool). The Force that gives one capability to adapt to constantly changing conditions of the environment.

21st Arcanum (21st Trump - The World). The Force that gives one the state of harmony with the Universe. The World starts hearing the requests (prayers) of a person who is in this state and provides him with all that is necessary for survival.

20th Arcanum (20th Trump - Judgement). The Force that awakens one’s subconsciousness and the memory of previous incarnations. Gives the ability to communicate with spirits.

19th Arcanum (19th Trump - The Sun). The Force that gives the state of Happiness. This state does not depend on the conditions in which one is.

18th Arcanum (18th Trump - The Moon). The Force that awakens one’s intuition and gives knowledge of one’s purpose in life.

The Major Forces

The Major Forces allow for significant changes to reality and individual destiny.

17th Arcanum (17th Trump - The Star). The Force that gives a Mage access to an infinite source of the Energy of Life, awakens extrasensory abilities and makes it possible to practice healing.

16th Arcanum (16th Trump - The Tower). The Force that gives a Mage the power to change past events and practice karmic healing.

15th Arcanum (15th Trump - The Devil). The Force that allows a Mage to control his lifetime and practice materialization.

14th Arcanum (14th Trump - Temperance). The Force that allows a Mage to control future events.

13th Arcanum (13th Trump - Death). The Force that allows a Mage to control Energy of Death an gives access to the World of the Dead.

12th Arcanum (12th Trump - The Hanged Man). The Force that gives a Mage the support of the higher powers and the ability to remain out of his body for long periods of time.

11th Arcanum (11th Trump - Justice). The Force that makes it possible to utilize the society’s energy to a Mage’s benefit and control events that have to do with large amounts of people.

10th Arcanum (10th Trump - Wheel of Fortune). The Force that makes it possible for a Mage to create virtually any, even the most improbable event in the life of a person and makes it possible to shift between parallel worlds.

The Great Forces

The Great Forces are the Forces of Gods. They allow for controlling reality on a large scale and make it possible to initiate virtually any change in reality.

9th Arcanum (9th Trump - The Hermit). The Force that activates a Mage’s mental body and awakens the ability of clairvoyance.

8th Arcanum (8th Trump - Strength). The Force that gives a Mage’s consciousness infinite Power.

7th Arcanum (7th Trump - The Chariot). The Force that allows a Mage to overcome any obstacles on his way to the required event.

6th Arcanum (6th Trump - The Lovers). The Force that allows a Mage to charm people and capture their consciousness. As well as to attract desired objects.

5th Arcanum (5th Trump - The Hierophant). The Force that gives a Mage power over souls and the ability to control human consciousness.

4th Arcanum (4th Trump - The Emperor). The Force that gives a Mage power over the physical laws and properties of reality.

3rd Arcanum (3rd Trump - The Empress). The Force that gives a Mage access to Yin-style Magick and the ability absorb any amount of energy.

2nd Arcanum (2nd Trump - The High Priestess). The Force that gives a Mage access to the “Akashic records” (the Planet’s memory) and infinite knowledge.

1st Arcanum (1st Trump - The Magician). The Force that gives a Mage the Power of the Creator of Worlds.



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