The 7 Human Bodies

Vibrations of the 7 chakras generate the 7 human bodies:

1. Muladhara generates the physical body.
2. Svadhishthana generates the ether body.
3. Manipura generates the astral body.
4. Anahata generates the animal mental body.
5. Vishuddha generates the human mental body.
6. Ajna generates the super-human mental body.
7. Sahasrara generates the divine mental body.

Bodies from Svadhishthana to Sahasrara are called the Subtle Bodies. What religions call the Soul is the ether, astral and animal mental bodies. What religions call the Spirit is the human mental, super-human mental and divine mental bodies.

An average person's consciousness is combined with the body. Such a person does not use his subtle bodies, which remain in a dormant condition throughout his life.

Mages are trained to use their subtle bodies just as sportspeople train their physical bodies.

The ability to shift one's consciousness to one of the subtle bodies is an important Magickal skill. This makes it possible to leave the physical shell and travel both in the physical and subtle planes.

A Mage can use his subtle body to shift to any person he knows, and affect his body or mind.

These and other Magickal skills are covered at the Magisterium Academy of Magick during levels 3 to 5.


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