Recent Egyptian expedition of the Magisterium Academy of Magick

In December 2016 members of the Magisterium Academy of Magick organized an expedition to Egypt as part of the work conducted by the Order of the Knowledge Keepers.

We spent 2 weeks studying places of power and ancient buildings, the construction of which is attributed by modern scientists to ancient Egyptians.

Its not a secret for those interested in esotericism and alternative history that after studying carefully the different constructions presumably built by the ancient Egyptians one can discover that their technical properties and construction quality are either beyond or at the very brink of modern technology’s capabilities.

At the same time, according to modern historians, most of the ancient Egyptian constructions are either temples or burial complexes, i.e. the tombs of pharaohs and the nobility.


However, Mages who possess extrasensory perception and are familiar with Atlantean technologies have a different opinion with regard to this matter.

From their standpoint, ancient Temples and Pyramids are complexes, which were erected by representatives of Atlantis – a highly developed proto-civilization – in order to control the Earth’s biosphere and its social processes.

But, more importantly, these complexes allow to use the planet’s energy for Initiations – procedures that alter human consciousness and shift it to a new level of development, opening up supernatural abilities that have been historically attributed to Gods.


For many years, we have been studying the traces of ancient highly developed civilizations, which remain in Egypt to this day.

In our expeditions, we discovered that despite their semi-ruined condition, most of the ancient constructions are still functional and can be used for Initiations, Healing and other types of Magickal Work.

Using the knowledge accumulated by the Order of the Knowledge Keepers, we learned to activate the Pyramids and Ancient Temple Complexes and started using them to broaden the Magickal Abilities of the Order’s members.

During the December expedition, we visited many places that are closed to ordinary tourists and are inaccessible to numerous esoterics that have flooded Egypt over the recent years.


Some of these places we cannot mention over the Internet in order to retain future access to them.

What we can say openly is that during this expedition special attention was paid to the complexes of Osirion, the Temple of Osiris in Abydos and working inside the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Osirion is an ancient underground Complex, which consists of a labyrinth that was filled with water. According to magickal legend, this labyrinth was used for the Mysteries of Osiris – and initiation procedure that made one immortal.

Osirion is home to the famous “Flower of Life” symbol that is carved onto several granite columns in this complex. This symbol is well known to the Mages of Atlantis and points at the qualities and properties of the Complex’s energetics.

The most famous symbol of Egypt is the three Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

The word “Pyramid” comes from ancient Greek and literally means “fire in the middle” – i.e. the name of the constructions itself contains the key to their purpose.

Pyramids are very powerful energy transformers – machines capable of collecting energy from huge territories and using it to transform human body and consciousness.

This is actually what our group was doing. The final stage of the expedition was a 3-day Initiation Ritual aimed at widening the magickal abilities of the expedition’s members in the Great Pyramid of Khufu…




At the moment our group is returning to its work on the new materials for and .

Training at the International Magisterium Academy of Magic will commence in 2017.

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