How to make a ritual or spell work

Many amateur magicians and esotericists spend a lot of time searching for the rarest books with the most effective rituals.

If they conduct a ritual or utter a spell and nothing happens as a result, they think that there is some sort of inaccuracy in the ritual, or that they had stumbled upon a non-working spell.

But really the result depends only on the person him/herself - on the level to which his/her consciousness is developed. The sameĀ ritual conducted by different people will lead to different results. For one person nothing will ever happen, no matter how many rituals he/she performs, while for the other even the most simple and primitive incantation will work. It all depends upon the level of consciousness.

The higher the level of a person's consciousness development - the stronger will any ritual that he/she performs or the spell he/she creates be, and the more there will be results.

There are people with ordinary consciousnesses, who are not able to alter reality. And there are Mages - beings capable of directly changing the world with their consciousnesses.

This is the very reason why the main secret of all magickal orders is not rituals and spells, but the technology of developing the human consciousness - turning an ordinary person into a Mage, whose consciousness can alter reality. This technology is described in the Sacred Book of Thoth, which was created by the ancient Egyptians based on the knowledge which they had received from the Mages of Atlantis.

We will tell more about the Sacred Book of Thoth in the next posts.


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