How Different Types Of Magick Work

By Magick we mean the ability of a human consciousness to alter reality.

There are three types of Magick altogether, and these types utilize different principles in order to get things done:

1. Voodoo Magick
2. Runic Magick
3. Planetary Magic

Voodoo Magick

Voodoo is the oldest Magick type on the planet. It originated in the Lemurian civilisation, which existed long before the ascent of Atlantis. This type of Magick is based on working with human, animal and other kinds of spirits.

Mages of this type learn how to broaden their consciousness through special training methods (while profanes use psychedelic substances such as mushrooms, cactuses, ayahuasca etc.), and as a result they start seeing spirits, can contact and build various relationships with them.

Spirits can become dependant on Mages, while people can be enslaved by spirits (aka possession).

Voodoo sorcerers can subdue other people and control their behaviour with the help of spirits.

In turn, the spirits demand sacrifices, for which the Mages conduct various rituals and ceremonies.

The point of sacrifices is that spirits have no need for food, but are still capable of feeling hunger. Also, they can feel the desire for other sensations. During a sacrifice, the witcher lets the spirits feel the desired physical sensations, thus quenching their hunger and thirst. The spirit, in turn, does what the witcher tells him to do.

Thus, the main idea of Voodoo magic is a profitable cooperation with spirits. The techniques of spiritual contact and sacrifice themselves can vary, but it does not really matter.

Shamanism is also based on communicating with spirits. However, unlike Voodoo Magick, Shamanism is mostly centered on working with human spirits and Animal Totems (collective consciousness of animal species).

Planetary Magick

Planetary Magick originated in the Atlantean civilisation. The main idea of this type of Magick is that the Earth is some sort of super-organism. This organism has a consciousness, which Mages call the Planetary Genie or the Planet’s Consciousness. Our reality has been formed by this Planetary Consciousness. All living and non-living objects existing on the Earth are part of the Planet’s organism. Following this analogy, humankind can be thought of as something similar to the Planet’s nervous system.

Based on the level of their consciousness’ development, all humans are divided into 4 Varna. The 4th Varna (Mages or The Wise) are the brain of the Planet. Which means that the thoughts of people belonging to the 4th Varna can change the state of the Planetary Consciousness, i.e. change the “objective reality”.
The 4th Varna is further divided into 4 levels, which differ by the degree of “access to reality changing”:

1st level – Psychics. Can “see” the energetic structure of reality, but can’t change it.

2nd level – Healers. Can change the states of living organisms and affect complicated processes, e.g. alter situations, weather conditions, human and animal behaviour etc.

3rd level – Alchemists. Can change the structure of non-living matter (break the bonds between non-organic molecules and crystal cells), materialise and de-materialise objects. Possess great power in changing objective reality.

4th level – Demiurges. Can manage big planetary cycles and processes.

After finishing their evolution in the 4 Varnas, Mages shift to a different, non-human form of existence and continue their evolution beyond Planet Earth.

Mages practising this type of Magick engage in special practises – “rituals”, which give them access to the Powers with the help of which they change reality. By practising these rituals, these Mages develop their consciousness and increase their power. All the Planetary Mages become divided over the course of their evolution into Elemental Clans (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Life and Death) and can thus alter different parameters of reality.

After the collapse of Atlantis the knowledge of Planetary Magick passed on to the Ancient Egyptians, who unified it and wrote it down - creating the “Sacred Book of Thoth”. The last copy of this book is concealed in such a way that any Adept of a certain level can use it. The Tarot deck is the Sacred Book of Thoth encoded in the secret temple writing of the ancient Egyptian priests. If you have the keys to reading the Tarot, you can master the Powers that give power over reality.

Today, most Tarot decks are of no use for Magickal purposes, since the artists who created them were not initiated into the Magickal Tradition and have altered the initial symbols of the Cards, thus creating pretty, but useless decks.

Runic Magick

The third type of Magick is Runic Magick, which has to do with the civilisation of the Aryans and Hyperborea.

Only people with a certain genetic predisposition can practise this type of Magick – their genome should contain the part that gives their consciousness the ability to tune into cosmic energy torrents. 
Each Rune means a certain configuration of human energetics, which is necessary for an energy torrent to enter the Mage’s body. In order to create a Rune, one must take a certain stand (asana), put one’s hands in a certain position (mudra) and utter a certain sound (mantra). By doing this, a Runic Mage becomes resonant with the corresponding energy torrent, which fills the Mage and gives his consciousness the power to affect the world and alter reality. The Mage can direct the energy passing through him onto any object, which will change as a result. Each Rune gives the ability to a certain type of impact.

When the Aryans dominated the Earth, there were powerful Runic Mages called Eriles. Each of these Mages worked with only several Runes, but their power was tremendous. After a long period of time, at the dawn of Christianity, the Runic changed and acquired a different shape and instead of Creating Runes Mages started using spells consisting of a large number or Runes. Runic Mages that possessed this technique of Runic Spells were called Scalds.

In the most recent times Runes began to be used as an instrument for divination. Creating Runes for divination from wood or bone with the Mage’s own blood is similar to charging Tarot cards.

Concerning Training

For 12 years we have been giving our knowledge only to a limited number of strictly selected people.

This year, the Order of the Knowledge Keepers decided to launch Magisterium - The International Academy of Magick - which will be opened to students from all around the world.

At the moment we possess technologies which make it possible for any person studying here to develop his hidden psychic abilities and ultimately become a Mage, i.e. one that is capable of changing reality with the use of his consciousness alone.

The first part of training deals with the theory of Magickal Knowledge and is centered around developing extrasensory abilities that make it possible to see the subtle plane and work with energies.

After that, the ability to control objective reality is developed.
At the end of training students acquire Initiation (the procedure was covered in previous articles).

Studying at the Academy shall be available starting from 2017.
More details concerning training will be published on our website in the nearest future.

Those interested are welcome to contact us via e-mail.


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