The Magickal tradition has its roots in the ancient system of knowledge, which originated in Atlantis.

The Atlantean science was ahead of the modern scientific level by thousands of years. Its not a surprise that modern scientists treat Magick as a myth. Academicians of the 18th century would treat the achievements of modern science in exactly the same way.

The scientists of Atlantis developed a paradigm which principally differs from the one accepted today. The main achievements of the Atlanteans had to do with biology and genetics. With the help of these achievements they could construct living machines with pre-defined qualities. Having built special «incubator» machines, the Atlanteans managed to develop many potential capabilities of the human body, including the so-called «genetic memory» or, simply, the memory of previous incarnations. These «reconstructed» or modified people have been carrying the knowledge of the lost civilization in their consciousness ever since. Most modern people have ancient consciousnesses and carry in themselves the achievements of the Atlantean civilization. Because of that, the transferring of the Magickal tradition usually comes down to the fact that the «immortals» or «twice born» ones, carrying the knowledge of ancient Atlanteans in their consciousness, initiate the subconsciousness of their apprentices. Thus, in many cases the «teaching» of Magick has nothing to do with transferring information – only with initiation.

Unfortunately, one can never predict who exactly will come out after the initiation: a doctor, a physicist or a geographer – the people of Atlantis had their own specialization, just as in is common in modern society.

With the above in mind it becomes clear that for the Magickal tradition the most valuable knowledge is not about the physics of space or healing human disease, but in the actual procedure of initiating the «memory of the past». The knowledge of this technology has always been the main secret of the occult societies, orders and lodges throughout centuries. By initiating new members, such Magickal community acquires specialists possessing the knowledge of new machinery, secrets of the universe, biotechnology.

This was the path taken by Vril – the German esoteric society that, using the initiation method, gained access to the technologies of cloning, building Vimanas (UFO-type flying machines) and psychotronic weapons.


In their evolution, Mages go through a certain specialization which has to do with changes in the consciousness and physiology. This specialization has to do with the so-called Elemental Magick and is reflected in the structure of the most mysterious document surviving from the times of Atlantis – the Tarot deck. These cards were created by the priests of Egypt and carry in their structure the Magickal knowledge of the Book of Thoth. The Minor Arcana of the Tarot, known today as the deck of playing cards, are divided into 4 suits that correspond to the 4 Magickal Elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air (spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs). Modern science has laughed at the fallacy of the naive ancient Mages, who supposed that any object contains in itself earth, fire, water and air. However, the naive ancient Mages, who freely flew into far space and did not die from natural causes, by the term «Elements» meant some physical principles, which later received names analogous to the aggregate states of substance: liquid, solid, gas and plasma. Thus, in Magick, the element of Water means time, the frequency parameter of space, the element Earth means structure, or the modulation of space, Air means noise, or chaos in the structure of space, while Fire means energy, or the amplitude of the space structure.

This way, Mages see the world as some sort of signal which has frequency, amplitude, structure and a level of noise. This idea of an informational-nature world is expressed by the sacred phrase «In the beginning was the Word…». Kabballistics (a section of Magick) describes the world as a signal, an informational structure like a text or a program. By developing their consciousness, Mages acquire the ability to change one (sometimes two) of the signal (world) parameters. This ability is denoted by the 14 cards of a suite (in Tarot), which is also known as St. Jacob’s Ladder. The Ladder starts with the twos and ends with the Aces. Each step or card means a certain quality of a Mage at this stage. Altogether there are 4 levels allocated in Magick, where Mages of the 1st level are extrasensory (twos), second level – healers (from twos to jacks), third level – Alchemists (jacks to kings) and 4th level (aces).


As has been demonstrated above, Mages are naturally divided into 4 elemental clans (4 suits). Each of these clans has its own specific type of impact, which manifests stronger with the growth of the Mage’s level.

Thus, the clan of Fire has power over energy. Mages of the 1st level «see» the energy of an object, of the 2nd level – possess power over the  cellular level of energies and the energy of bonds in big organic molecules. Mages of the third level can change the energy of bonds in non-organic molecules and atomic nucleuses. $th level Mages are capable of changing the energy of elemental particles and affect planetary processes. Fire Mages can alter the potential an kinetic energy of objects with their consciousness. A thought-form, created by a Fire Mage, can so energy-saturated, that it will be reality for the surrounding people.

Clan of Water. Mages of the Water clan are capable of managing the frequency parameter. 1st level Mages see the extent of objects in time, 2nd level Mages are capable of influencing how the processes in living organisms unfold. 3rd level Mages can influence the cause-effect connections in non-organic substances. 4th level Mages quit the flow of time and are capable of changing historical processes.

Clan of Earth. Mages of this clan are capable of structuring the world and changing its structure. 1st level Mages can perceive the inner structure of objects, 2nd level Mages can change the structure of organs and tissues of living organisms. 3rd level Mages are capable of transforming the structure of non-living objects. 4th level Mages can structure planetary processes.

Clan of Air. Mages of the Air clan can influence the probabilistic course of events. Air Magick renders different processes more or less probable. 1st level Mages perceive disruptions in the normal course of events and can predict the most probable flow of events. 2nd level Mages can change and initiate physiological processes. 3rd level Mages can initiate transformations of non-organic substances on all levels. 4th level Mages are capable of initiating virtually any process.


Actually, health issues can be managed by Mages of the 2nd level and higher, however on the 3rd level they become so powerful that they can alter the structure of non-living objects and loose interest to biological ones. In turn, 1st level Mages are good at diagnostics, but a patient would seldom be satisfied by a mere description of his/her disease, and thus the real masters of health are the 2nd-level Mages.

From the above mentioned characteristics of elemental clans it is possible to understand that the methods used by Mages for treating patients differ substantially from the ones used by doctors. A Mage’s power depends not only on the amount of knowledge, but also on the state of the body, including the functioning of some mechanisms of the consciousness. A Mage regards the surrounding world as some text or program and edits it using the parameter available to his/her clan. Thus, Fire Mages control the tone and the immune system. They increse the activity on the cellular, tissue and organ level. Fire Mages can initiate gene structures and destroy or strengthen molecular bonds. Fire Mages are capable of «activating» a certain substance.

Water Mages are capable of changing the course of events, giving them different directions. They can affect the cause of a disease even if it acted in the past and in the present we can only deal with the consequence. Water Mages are also capable of changing the frequency parameters of a substance, thus activating its ability to affect the needed organ system.

Earth Mages. Mages belonging to this clan are capable of altering structures at all levels, starting from the molecular and ending with the structure of the organism itself. Also, Earth Mages can create the structure of a medicine which can heal a given disease. Mages of this clan are good at dealing with tumors, scars and seams.

Air Mages. These Mages are capable of changing the probabilities of events, including altering a diagnosis that has already been made, increasing the probability of healing and creating medicine with the most improbable properties. Air Mages are capable of controlling the fluctuations of random processes, including the formation of salts and clots.


Usually the doctors found their monopoly on human health on their knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Obviously, there is no point in entering the process of healing without the knowledge of these disciplines. However, all medical knowledge of anatomy has to do only with corpses, while physiology is studied mainly on animals, which is, obviously, not the same thing as a living human being. Concerning the deep knowledge that modern doctors possess in biochemistry, most substances taking part int he body’s functioning simply have not been described yet due to the complexity of the human body’s inner structure. The Mages however, constantly observe the picture of a functioning body. Fire Mages «see» the relative energy of different parts and tissues of the body. No inner process can escape their vision. Water Mages see the extent of objects in time, the frequency characteristics of organs and tissues, the causes of diseases. Earth Mages see the structures of tissues and organs, the structures of complex molecules in bioactive substances. Air Mages are sensitive to any fluctuations in the body and perceive any changes in its outer or inner environment.