In the world, there are numerous paranormal phenomena, which are inexplicable from the standpoint of modern science. Such inexplicable phenomena include:

– Paranormal psychic abilities, for example: clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis;
– Contacts with the other side, for example: the appearance of ghosts and wraiths, contacts with dead people and supernatural creatures of non-human nature;
– Evidence of people shifting through time;
– Inexplicable archaeological findings which give evidence of advanced technologies existing in deep antiquity;
– UFOs and alien contacts.

There are three main points of view regarding the nature of these phenomena:


According to modern science, most of these phenomena simply do not exist, while all their witnesses are lying – intentionally or unintentionally.


Religions do not doubt the existence of these phenomena and attribute their origins to God or Devil, the forces of Light or Darkness.


Occult and esoteric tractates, both ancient and belonging to modern authors, can be another source of information on these phenomena.

It is likely that only occult and esoteric books are attempting to give a more or less systematic explanation of these phenomena. However, the studying of vast amounts of occult and esoteric literature leaves an impression that they are describing a science, many fragments and keys to the understanding of which were lost by humanity over the ages.

For a long time the lost fragments of the occult science have been substituted by religious ideology. Modern authors, however, try to fill in the lost and missing parts of the occult knowledge with psychology.

This is the reason why many serious scholars are not willing to treat these sources seriously.


Over a long period of time, we have been undertaking expeditions to different corners of the world searching for knowledge which was lost by humanity.

Our search and research lead us to the Knowledge Keepers, from whom we received the Keys and the Knowledge, using which we managed to gain Powers and Abilities, the possession of which has been attributed to the Sages and Mages of old.

This website is designed for those, who, just as ourselves, are seeking cognition and are willing to possess the Power and Knowledge of the Ancients.


Contemporary historical science tells us that the human civilization originated approximately 10 – 12 thousand years ago and has developed all the way from the stone age to the modern level of scientific and technological development.

However, many corners of the world bear evidence that the history of humankind goes far deeper than the impression that modern historians have. Moreover, there is evidence of civilizations that existed on the Earth in the deep past, whose technological level was far higher than the level accessible to modern humanity.

Some constructions and monuments, the building of which is attributed to the civilization of Ancient Egypt, can serve as examples of such highly advanced civilizations that existed in deep antiquity.


The Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) is considered the first wonder of the world not without reason. This titanic construction is 146 meters high and has an area of more than 5.4 hectares, which equals to nearly 10 football fields. More than 2 million stone blocks were used for its construction, the average weight of which is 2.5 tons, while the weight of the heaviest plates lying at the foundation is more than 200 tons. According to calculations made by specialists, this material would have been enough to build a city with a population of not less than 100 000 people.

The precision and quality, with which the Great Pyramid is built, are incredible. The foundation of this huge structure is a nearly perfect square. The sides of the Pyramid are perfectly orientated against the cardinal directions – with the error factor being just 0.015%. The facing plates, which have preserved until our time, are so tightly tailored towards each other, that it is impossible to insert even a sheet of paper in between them.

This all-time precision and building quality is also maintained inside the Pyramid – the stone blocks of the main inner elements are so tightly coupled with each other, that all the inner construction of the Pyramid was laid down without any use of mortar.

The upper room of the Pyramid – the so-called “King’s Chamber” – is accomplished from ideally processed and tailored granite plates. The weight of the plates composing the ceiling of the chamber alone is 400 tons. Special “unloading” chambers, located above this ceiling, bear the weight of approximately one million tons of stone mass belonging to the upper part of the pyramid.

According to the version adopted by modern science, the Pyramids are tombs of Pharaohs – rulers of Ancient Egypt – and were built by slaves with the use of primitive tools.

However, according to the opinion of modern engineers and architects, the building of such a structure without a high level of geodesic knowledge, reliable ways of measurement and hi-tech tools, is virtually impossible.

Another interesting fact – no mummy or any remains of the Pharaoh, to whom the construction of the Pyramid is attributed, have ever been found inside it.

Moreover, despite the vast cultural legacy of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, there have been no descriptions or depictions found concerning the building of the Giza Pyramids.

What is even more interesting is that some sources indicate that the Mistress of the Great Pyramid is the Goddess Isis, while Khufu the Pharaoh just participated in the reconstruction of the Pyramid, which at his time had already been considered very ancient.

There is no doubt that some pyramids were really built by the Pharaohs, however, their size and construction quality are incomparable to the mastership and quality with which the Great Pyramid and some other structures located on the territory of modern Egypt were built.

Thus, it is possible to assume, that the Giza Pyramids were built long before the Egyptian kingdom emerged, by some other civilization that possessed advanced technologies.


The mysterious Sphinx, located on the Giza plateau not far away from the Pyramids, was built, according to the beliefs of modern archaeologists, approximately at the same time as the Great Pyramid.

However, in 1992 geodesists produced a report, according to which there are traces of water erosion present on the surface of the Sphinx and on the stones around it, which could appear only as a result of pouring rains. At the same time, the last rains on this territory happened more than 10-15 thousand years ago.

Thus, is it possible to assume, that the real age of the Sphinx is more than 10 000 years, and that it was built along with the Great Pyramid by unknown builders, long before the Ancient Egyptian kingdom had appeared.


In the sands of Saqqara not far away from Giza one can find another curious construction, which has been called Serapeum.

This construction was cut inside solid limestone and is located approximately 5 meters under the ground. The combined length of underground galleries is more than 300 meters. At both sides of the galleries there are niches, and inside those niches are huge, shining polished “sarcophagi”. Each of those Sarcophagi weighs around 70 tons.

According to the version of modern archaeology, this site is a cult construction for entombing sacred bulls – Apises.

However, any tourist who visited Egypt and had seen the funeral crypts of the Pharaohs, would unwittingly doubt this version, since the Pharaohs – lords of Egypt – are buried in much more modest tombs, the looks of which quite correspond to the abilities of ancient Egyptian builders.

The Serapeum reminds above all of some sort of bomb shelter or bunker, built either for sheltering from some type of danger on the surface, or for storing something valuable and dangerous – something, that had to be kept under the ground in multi-ton granite boxes.

But for protection against what or whom could such constructions be needed for?

The answers to these questions can be found in some ancient written sources that have survived to our days.


For example, the Indian epos Mahabharata describes a Great Battle which happened many thousands of years ago between two mighty armies.

The interesting bit is that this battle was fought not with primitive weapons, but with highly technological ones, resembling modern weapons of mass destruction. The Mahabharata mentions Vimanas – flying machines – ray weaponry, and the use of nuclear weapons.

It could be assumed that all of that is just fantasy of ancient authors, or some pretty fairy tales. However, there are real marks of the usage of something very similar to modern nuclear weapons present on the Earth.

Mohenjo-Daro is one of the most mysterious ancient cities discovered by archaeologists. This city was located in the Indus river valley (modern Pakistan) and was founded around 5000 years ago. The huge city with correct planning, glorious temples, a complicated system of channels, dams and even water pipes was totally unlike the other civilization centers of the time. After functioning for around 1000 years, this thriving city suddenly stopped its existence.

The mystery of the death of Mohenjo-Daro remains unsolved to this day. However, there is a theory saying that the city could have been destroyed by a nuclear blast. A number of surprising facts revealed during excavations of the city support this theory. There were many skeletons found in Mohenjo-Daro, but none of them had any traces of violent death from cold weapons. During excavations of the city, multiple fragments of molten stone buildings were found. Experiments indicated that such melting of stone could occur at a temperature no less than 2000 °C, which is unreachable for an ordinary flame. Apart from that, fragments of green glass, which are the result of melting sand and clay, are scattered all around the city. Exactly the same fragments of glass are formed during a nuclear explosion.

There is a truly colossal amount of other evidence of advanced technology existing on the Earth in the past – complicated mechanisms aged thousands of years that could be created only with high-tech production lines, traces of complex machinery processing present on ancient monuments, electric batteries made thousands of years ago, images and models of airplanes dating back tens of thousands of years along with many other things.

Here we have just shown several interesting facts, the existence of which can be easily checked by any interested reader.

But is there a way to explain the absence of any written sources, which should have belonged to those civilizations themselves? Is it possible for a technologically advanced civilization not to leave a single line of text behind itself?

This is easily explained – just as the modern civilization is moving to digital information carriers, the ancient advanced civilizations could be using digital or some other type of hi-tech information carriers, which did not preserve to our days.

So how could the knowledge of the Ancients survive to the present day?


All the oldest religions, which, perhaps, have inherited part of the advanced civilizations’ knowledge, agree on the idea that the human being, apart from a physical body, also possesses a soul – some sort of energy-informational structure which is capable of existing independently from the physical body.

Those same religions say that the soul of each person is immortal and passes along a lengthy way of development, improving over many incarnations.

The phenomenon of awakening the memory of previous incarnations that a number of people are dealing with means that under certain circumstances the memory of previous lives can be aroused in a person.

We learned from members of the Order of the Keepers that during the times of ancient advanced civilizations a special procedure was developed which allowed to awaken the memory of previous lives in a human being. This procedure is known as Initiation.

A person who passes through the Initiation procedure not only remembers his previous incarnations, but also acquires many other paranormal abilities, the main of which is the ability to retain his/her personality in all the next incarnations.

An ordinary person does not remember his or her previous lives. However, a person that once passes the Initiation procedure, will restore his or her previous personality and the memory of previous lives by the age of 3-5 years in every new incarnation. (A similar phenomena is demonstrated by the highest lamas – hierarchs of Tibetan Buddhism.)

Thus, a person who passes the Initiation procedure, effectively becomes an immortal being, whose every new life is the continuation of the previous one.

During the times of the last advanced civilization, which existed on the Earth around 67 000 years ago and is known to us as Atlantis, approximately 100 000 people were passed through the Initiation procedure. Today these people are called Mages.

The civilization of Atlantis perished around 60 000 years ago as a result of a global cataclysm, which is called The Great Flood in the Bible and some other traditions. As a result of this catastrophe, approximately 90% of the Earth’s population died, and the surviving humanity quickly became wild and was thrown back in its development approximately to the level of the Stone Age.


After some time after the end of the advanced civilization, Mages of Atlantis started incarnating among the savage barbarian tribes. These Mages possessed the memory of their previous lives and remembered the technologies of the perished civilization.

Having encountered the fact that there was nearly nothing left from the advanced civilization of Atlantis, the Mages started their attempts to revive this civilization.

Searching for the remaining machinery, they tried to create at least some small centers of civilization on the planet.

Using their knowledge and the surviving technologies, the Ancient Mages founded the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Sumer, and the South American kingdoms.

Possessing developed psychic abilities, these Ancient Mages started to be treated as Gods by the surrounding barbarians.

At the same time the Mages were extremely few in number, and they were in need of helpers, who could aid them in the revival of civilization. They also required successors that could continue their work.

The Mages searched for those barbarians that had possessed some useful scientific knowledge during the time of Atlantis. The Mages put these people through the Initiation procedure, as a result of which the person not only remembered his or her previous lives, but also restored the knowledge which he or she had in those lives.

As a result, each Ancient Mage, who was worshipped as a God, had a circle of helpers to whom he or she would pass on their knowledge and technologies.

In this way the most ancient religions were formed, with the Ancient Mages of Atlantis as Gods and their apprentices and aids as priests.


The Mages themselves formed a closed society in the post-apocalyptic world – The Order of the Keepers of Knowledge, – which has been preserving the knowledge of the ancient civilization and directing the development of the new civilization.

Most of the Ancient Mages have already left our world. However, their apprentices, who have passed through the Initiation procedure and have retained all their knowledge, still exist in our world and continue the work of the Order of the Keepers.

During all the time that the modern civilization has existed, the Order of the Keepers has been slightly opening the curtain of mystery in front of the chosen people and transferring its Knowledge to them.

During the time known as Antiquity the Keepers founded the Orphic Order, the members of which were lead through the Initiation procedure and became Mages. During the Middle Ages the Keepers founded the Templar Order. Founders of the Rosicrucian Order and other secret societies also received part of the knowledge.

Parts of the Order of the Keepers’ knowledge, that became available to ordinary people, have formed the “occult” or “esoteric” tradition, which has remained preserved in some way to the present day.

However, the knowledge concerning the technologies of the civilization of Atlantis is still available only to the narrow circle of the Initiated, connected with the Order of the Keepers.

According to the Keepers’ opinion, circumstances have formed in the world starting from the beginning of the 20th century, under which this knowledge can be opened to a greater number of people.

This web site is one of the projects of the Order of the Keepers and is aimed at transferring the knowledge and training those who are ready to perceive and use it.