16.08.20 – “Human Subtle Bodies and Energy-Informational Illnesses” (Open Lesson 1)

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On the 16th of August 2020 we will conduct an Open Lesson – “Human Subtle Bodies and Energy-Informational Illnesses“.

The Lesson will take place in the form of a live webinar on our YouTube channel. Admission is free of charge. Everyone is welcome to join and ask questions.

During the Lesson we will be speaking about:

  • Using energies and subtle bodies in Magic
  • The difference between Magicians and Mediums
  • The human subtle anatomy
  • The main human subtle body injuries and illnesses
  • Evil Eyes, Curses, and other negative Magical impacts
  • Energetic causes of disease
  • Energetic defense and healing techniques
  • Questions & Answers

During the Lesson you will be able to receive new knowledge from the Academy Teachers, as well as to ask questions about Magic and the lesson topics.

Starting time: 8pm UK | 15:00 EST | 12:00 PDT
LINK: https://youtu.be/Ox_ljwdhtbg