Magic is the science that involves the study of the Universe and the evolution of human consciousness. Humans acquire Magical abilities in the process of their personal evolution.

Published on: 03.10.2017


In the previous parts of this article, we have briefly described the abilities and Powers that a Magician acquires while working with the Major Arcana of the Tarot. In this article, we are going to describe the Minor Arcana of the Tarot and their role in Planetary Magic.

Published on: 15.09.2017


During sex, a male-female couple forms an energy vortex. This funnel sucks in the consciousnesses (souls) of people that reside in subtle planes after their deaths, and pulls them to the place of conception.

Published on: 15.09.2017

Entities and thought-forms of the subtle plane

People are used to considering their thinking as something personal, locked within their inner world. However, this is not the case.

Published on: 15.09.2017

XVII Major Arcanum (17 Trump - The Star)

This energy is the energy of Life. The life energy, which is made by the plants, that receive the Sun energy and through the use of chlorophyll turn it into their own energy. Herbivore animals eat the plants and collect this energy from wide areas.

Published on: 18.03.2017

XIII Major Arcanum (13 Trump - Death)

This is the energy of destruction, that halts time and stops any proccess. Can be used for both harm and healing. All the art of Necromancy (working with the Dead) is based upon this Arcanum.

Published on: 13.03.2017

XV Major Arcanum (15 Trump - The Devil)

This energy serves as an anchor that fixes a person in the 3-dimensional world. It has to do with wealth, matter, longevity and sex. Also can be used for telekinesis, healing and materialization.

Published on: 03.03.2017

XXII Major Arcanum (22 Trump - The Fool)

Hereinafter we begin publishing some fragments from the ancient Egyptian Sacred Book of Thoth. This book contains Atlantean knowledge concerning the system of Planetary Magick. It describes the nature of the Universe, as well as the Forces that allow a human being to achieve power over reality.

Published on: 01.03.2017


In the previous part of this article we stated that our reality is formed by the 22 energy channels or, rather, Forces. These energy torrents are shown on the Scheme of Planetary Consciousness, which is known as the Tree of Sephiroth. Planetary Magick is the knowledge of Atlanteans, which how to gain access to controlling reality through working with these Forces.

Published on: 20.02.2017


Planetary Magick belongs to the legacy of Atlantis. It is a knowledge system that describes the nature of the Universe and the ways to control reality. Due to certain circumstances, this knowledge was not lost after the collapse of Atlantis and has remained since in various religious, mystic and esoteric teachings.

Published on: 27.01.2017

Recent Egyptian expedition of the Magisterium Academy of Magick

In December 2016 members of the Magisterium Academy of Magick organized an expedition to Egypt as part of the work conducted by the Order of the Knowledge Keepers. We spent 2 weeks studying places of power and ancient buildings, the construction of which is attributed by modern scientists to ancient Egyptians.

Published on: 17.01.2017

The Legend of Necronomicon, The Undead and Churches of Human Bones

Strange constructions, known as Ossuaries, were built during the Middle Ages in various European towns. Ossuaries are temples built from human bones. The biggest of these Ossuaries is located in the Czech Republic. According to modern scientists, ossuaries were built as burial places for the victims of different epidemics.

Published on: 31.10.2016

Spells, Incantations & Prayers

Some Magickal procedures, such as «spells», «incantations» and «prayers» may seem similar from the external viewpoint. However, the internal mechanisms of how they function are significantly distinct. These differences are often omitted in numerous publications on the topic of Magick.

Published on: 26.10.2016

The 7 Human Bodies

Vibrations of the 7 chakras generate the 7 human bodies: 1. Muladhara generates the physical body. 2. Svadhishthana generates the ether body. 3. Manipura generates the astral body. 4. Anahata generates the animal mental body. 5. Vishuddha generates the human mental body. 6. Ajna generates the super-human mental body. 7. Sahasrara generates the divine mental body.

Published on: 09.10.2016

The 7 Chakras

There are 7 energy centers in the energetical structure of the human being. These centers are called Chakras. Chakras are responsible for energy exchange between the body and the outside world. Each Chakra is resposible for the work of certain organ systems or functions of consciousness. By introducing information into the Chakras and regulating how they function, Mages and Healers can alter the state of one's body and mind.

Published on: 09.10.2016

How Different Types Of Magick Work

By Magick we mean the ability of a human consciousness to alter reality. There are three types of Magick altogether, and these types utilize different principles in order to get things done: 1. Voodoo Magick 2. Runic Magick 3. Planetary Magic

Published on: 09.10.2016

The True Correspondence Between Tarot Suits And Magickal Elements

There are contradictions in modern Tarology concerning the connection between Minor Arcana Suits and corresponding Elements. And if everything is clear with the correspondence between the Suit of Pentacles and the element of Earth and the Suit of Cups and the element of Water, there is no common opinion with regard to the Suits of Swords and Wands.

Published on: 09.10.2016

Minor Arcana And Elemental Clans

This post continues the previous one and provides further information concerning Magickal Elements. While practising Planetary Magick, every Mage (depending on the properties of consciousness) finds him/herself in one of the six clans, and thus gains the ability to alter reality according to one of the six parameters.

Published on: 09.10.2016

The True Meaning Of Primary Magickal Elements

The idea of Elements or Primary Principles is part of Planetary Magick. Modern scientists mocked at naive ancient Mages who assumed that the Universe and the Human being consist of 4 elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air. However, these ancient Mages had such power, might and knowledge that today's scientists can't even dream of.

Published on: 09.10.2016

How to gain Magickal abilities

Probably, most of you have wondered why different people are developed to different extents in terms of consciousness and intelligence. And why some possess paranormal abilities, while others don't. The level of consciousness (and talent) does not depend on education, wealth or genetic predisposition.

Published on: 08.10.2016

What is Karma, really?

The modern occult society demonstrates many views and opinions on the subject of karma: what it is, what principles lie at its foundation and how it is realized. In the following text we will briefly describe what the concept of Karma is in classical Magick.

Published on: 08.10.2016

How to make a ritual or spell work

Many amateur magicians and esotericists spend a lot of time searching for the rarest books with the most effective rituals. If they conduct a ritual or utter a spell and nothing happens as a result, they think that there is some sort of inaccuracy in the ritual, or that they had stumbled upon a non-working spell.

Published on: 08.10.2016

Healing and health management in Magick

The Magickal tradition has its roots in the ancient system of knowledge, which originated in Atlantis. The Atlantean science was ahead of the modern scientific level by thousands of years. Its not a surprise that modern scientists treat Magick as a myth. Academicians of the 18th century would treat the achievements of modern science in exactly the same way.

Published on: 07.10.2016

Of Magick

When people speak of Magick today, they usually mean either a system of superstitions and delusions that has preserved since the times of primitive humanity, or compilations made by pseudo-scientists and adventurers trying to speculate on the crowd’s illiteracy and its aspiration for miracles. Not a single “serious scientist” has the right to get into this scandalous area without the risk of being “excommunicated” from the “official” science.

Published on: 07.10.2016

Magick and the Occult Legend

The Occult legend tells us that an advanced civilization once existed on the Earth, known today as Atlantis. This civilization perished as a result of a global catastrophe which happened on the Earth around 65 000 years ago. Atlantis barely left any traces behind, but there are reasons why the knowledge of this civilization...

Published on: 07.10.2016


In the world, there are numerous paranormal phenomena, which are inexplicable from the standpoint of modern science. Such inexplicable phenomena include: - Paranormal psychic abilities, for example: clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis; - Contacts with the other side, for example: the appearance of ghosts and wraiths, contacts with dead people and supernatural creatures of non-human nature; - Evidence of people shifting through time; - Inexplicable archaeological findings which give evidence of advanced technologies existing in deep antiquity; - UFOs and alien contacts. There are three main points of view regarding the nature of these phenomena:

Published on: 07.10.2016


How to gain Magickal abilities

How to make a ritual or spell work

What is Karma?


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